A celebration of mindful drinking

29th July 2020 | Eativity editors

On a high after going dry this July? If you want to explore more of what a sober lifestyle can offer, or just want to round off the month with an inspirational bang, you’re in luck. The Mindful Drinking Festival is going virtual, and the global movement is coming to Australia, bringing together the mindful drinking movement and non-alcoholic drinks brands from across the world in a weekend of celebration.

The festival is held by Club Soda, a movement of more than 60,000 people worldwide. Originating in the UK, Club Soda’s eighth Mindful Drinking Festival has moved online as COVID continues to affect events. This year, it will be free for all Australians to attend.

Virtual sessions will include inspirational talks by influencers and experts on changing drinking habits as well as living healthier lifestyles. Close to 80 themed sessions globally have been confirmed. Dozens of no-alcohol drinks sessions will also be held with virtual “meet the makers”, so people can meet the pioneers behind the brands. There will also be masterclasses, tastings and drinks talks with the world’s top experts.

Mindful Drinking Festival
Feeling good after Dry July? Share your success with a global movement.

We’re cutting back on booze

In Australia, research has found that 66 percent of 21-34-year-old drinkers in Australia are trying to reduce their alcohol intake. One of the primary reasons for cutting back is a desire to be more health-conscious. The four-day virtual event will give anyone looking for the inspiration to change their drinking habits access to some of the world’s leading experts in mindful drinking. It also opens them up to the growing market of low and no-alcohol drinks; everything from craft beers, wines and spirits to tonics and infusions.

The global sessions will cover all topics related to moderation and quitting, including sober socialising and dating. It will also explore the use of journaling as well as inspirational interviews with journalists, authors and Instagram influencers.  

The Mindful Drinking Festival is supported by Lyre's
Lyre’s makes some of Australia’s best non-alcoholic spirits, and is also a supporter of the festival.

The mindful drinking movement

“The mindful drinking movement is taking off in Australia,” says Sarah Connelly, AKA the Sober Sommelier, who developed the Australian program for the festival. “There’s a growing number of people becoming more conscious of their lifestyle choices and health in general.

“Social sober groups are popping up nationwide. Major brands are also expanding their alcohol-free ranges. As demand increases, we’re also seeing more innovation from start-up companies who are leading with boutique no-alcohol alternatives. It’s the perfect time for Australia to connect with the mindful drinking movement.”

The Club Soda Mindful Drinking Festival kicks off at 6pm on Thursday, July 30 and runs through to Sunday, August 2. The event will be live on Facebook and YouTube. You can register today at mindfuldrinkingfestival.com

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