A natural alternative to plastic packaging

16th July 2020 | Eativity editors

A small packaging company has taken a big leap towards a more sustainable future for the fast food and takeaway industries. Australian owned and operated retail packaging company Bee Dee Bags has launched NaturalPak, a new player in the world of environmentally friendly, compostable and sustainable food packaging.

Bee Dee Bags developed NaturalPak to help Australian businesses in the fast food and takeaway industries to transition to products that are a planet-friendly alternative to non-recyclable, single-use plastic food packaging.

NaturalPak’s range of compostable packaging products is ethically sourced from managed plantations of sustainably grown trees and is made from rapidly-renewable plant resources such as bamboo and sugarcane pulp. The range is not only environmentally friendly, it’s also durable, strong, economical and industry-tested.

NaturalPak: a natural alternative to plastic packaging
NaturalPak is compostable, recyclable and responsibly sourced.

Choosing natural

Cain Gawne, General Manager of Bee Dee Bags and Creator of NaturalPak, says the company wanted to drive change in food packaging and transition towards a circular economy; one in which products are designed and optimised for reuse and recycling.

“We are committed to increasing awareness of the opportunities each and every one of us can take by choosing natural,” says Gawne. “Bee Dee Bags has been in a prime position to witness the adverse impact that fossil fuel-made, single-use packaging is causing to our environment. We just had to be part of a solution.”

We’re living an increasingly takeaway lifestyle. However, consumers are also becoming more eco-conscious. By transitioning to sustainable packaging, the foodservice industry is in a position to not only keep customers happy; it can also play a role in helping to preserve resources, reduce landfill and make a difference to the environment.

NaturalPak: a natural alternative to plastic packaging
A takeaway solution to satisfy environmentally-aware consumers.

Advocating for change

NaturalPak has teamed up with some well-known brands in the food packaging industry, such as BioPak, to work as part of a collective team to advocate for environmentally friendly, sustainable change in the fast-food industry.

“Environmental change is something that we, as a nation, need to tackle together,” Gawne says. “If we can find a way to work together and unite for the sake of our environment, and create a world that we would all be proud to leave for our children, then I think we can make a significant impact and advocate for real change in the food industry.”