Australia’s lockdown food habits revealed

6th May 2020 | Eativity editors

Deliveroo has revealed that our eating habits have changed dramatically during lockdown, with new social trends emerging as people look to connect in new ways during the isolation period. The food delivery service has released findings based on order data, customer insights and behaviours, with the findings revealing some interesting developments.

Prior to lockdown, the delivery app’s most-popular menu item was burgers. But since COVID-19, a new “crisis meal” has emerged – fish and chips. The British classic has seen a whopping 597% increase in orders, shooting into the app’s top five most-searched dishes.

Quick – before the ice cream melts!

Sweet treats are also more popular than ever, with ice cream orders rising by a remarkable 139%. Demand for Messina’s legendary cookie pies has been so great that Messina is the only brand, along with McDonald’s, in the top 10 search terms.

A new dinner time has also emerged, as more people than ever are working from home and not having to commute. The delivery app has seen the evening spike in food orders moving forward by 43 minutes – while average dinner orders on a weekday would usually peak at approximately 7:06 pm, this has now moved to 6:23 pm.

We’re also ordering for the household more. While most orders were previously for single meals, in the past few weeks Deliveroo has seen some of the largest household orders ever, with group meals fast overtaking single meal orders. And, as people are no longer able to head out on the town on Friday nights, Fridays are now rivalling Saturdays as the most popular day of the weekend to order takeaway food.