Frontier Pets: ethical food for dogs

24th June 2020 | Alison Turner

Australian ethical pet food company Frontier Pets is on a mission to put an end to the suffering of the 500 million Australian animals currently trapped in factory farming operations. And they’re asking you and your dog to join them in their fight. 

Frontier Pets was founded five years ago by ex-Shark Tank contestant Diana Scott, a strong believer in ethical, sustainable produce. She has fed her family free-range, organic food for years, and realised her beloved dogs should be eating ethically, too. At first, she spent her Sundays cooking up big batches of dog food, but this was messy and time-consuming. She realised she had stumbled across a gap in the market – ethical food for pets.

“The pet food industry uses the offcuts of industrialised animals,” she says. “I learned that the industry in Australia is worth billions of dollars. And I realised this is propping up the factory farming industry to a much bigger degree than I’d first thought. So, if I really wanted to help end factory farming, I should create my own free-range pet food.”

Frontier Pets
Good for your pet and good for our ethical farmers, too.

The best food for Fido

Frontier Pets produces a range of pet products using only high welfare and organic ingredients. The business has partnered with farmers across Australia to source quality offcuts of free-range meat and poultry, free-range eggs and organic fruit and vegetables. This has not only created one of the most nutrient-rich pet foods on the market; it also helps to support ethical farming practices in Australia.

The high quality of the food means that dog owners notice a real change in their pets once they start eating it. Customers have reported that their dogs’ digestive issues have disappeared, skin conditions improve and energy and vitality levels are off the charts.

Together with their growing customer base (and many wagging tails), Frontier Pets has now contributed more than $1.3 million towards ethical Australian farming.

“We only buy from free-range farmers and organic producers,” Scott says. “The partnership works. Farmers get a new income stream and we get the very best produce.”

The Frontier Pets recipe was developed in collaboration with dog nutritionist Dr Kathy Cornack
Dr Kathy Cornack, one of Australia’s leading dog nutritionists, helped develop the recipe.

Your dog could help change the world

While Scott knows that her contribution alone won’t end factory farming, it is still an important advancement towards a better future for animals.

“I’m under no delusion that’s going to happen in my lifetime,” she says. “The pet food industry is a juggernaut. But we’re taking the first steps. One day I was sitting in my office thinking ‘what can I do?’, and the next we’ve got a factory, we employ 14 people – it’s amazing. It shows that people do care about other animals and they care about the planet.”

You’ve always secretly thought your dog could help to change the world, and now it turns out to be true. By supporting Frontier Pets, you’re not only supporting ethical farmers and giving your dog the high-quality food they deserve; you can also help encourage other pet brands to join the fight to end factory farming.

You can purchase Frontier Pets’ ethically farmed dog food from their website.

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