Hey Tiger: chocolate with a conscience

13th July 2020 | Eativity editors

Hey Tiger is a premium, handmade, Australian chocolate brand that’s on a mission to make change in the cocoa industry. As well as selling luscious chocolate, Hey Tiger is also a social enterprise, partnering with The Hunger Project to positively impact cocoa farming communities in Ghana, one choc block at a time.

Hey Tiger believes the cocoa industry is “broken”, and is stepping forward to try and help bring about change. Currently there are 2.2 million children in child labour on cocoa farms in West Africa, and the average cocoa farmer earns just 0.73 cents per day. Hey Tiger says that it’s time for this to end – everyone in the chocolate industry deserves to prosper.

Hey Tiger chocolate
Glitter Kitten: birthday cake crumb.

Change in chocolate

To ensure Hey Tiger’s cocoa is sourced ethically, the company has strict rules in place to ensure they only work with those who fulfil criteria that secures livelihoods for farmers, and who do not use child labour as part of their supply chain. They must also uphold environmental practices to ensure the viability of cacao farming for the long term.

Hey Tiger also takes the extra step of enlisting The Hunger Project to conduct an additional review of any proposed partners. Hey Tiger’s CEO Cyan Ta’eed doesn’t take a salary, and the company donates a minimum of 50 cents per full-size bar and 25 cents per mini bar to help fund The Hunger Project’s important work.

So far, over $173,000 has been contributed to The Hunger Project. This supports everything from micro-loans for women farmers to childhood education and HIV prevention. All of this impacts these communities and are important components to changing the industry.

Hey Tiger chocolate
And Chill: cocoa crumb and macadamia.

Good to eat, good for the world

Hey Tiger offers a delicious range of surprising flavour combos in white, milk and dark chocolate. All dark bars are also vegan. Hey Tiger’s talented chocolatiers are also always developing new flavours. Plus, they launch limited-edition and seasonal bars during the year.

So, the next time you think about buying some chocolate (which, if you’re like us, is a lot), consider supporting Hey Tiger and The Hunger Project. You won’t just be enjoying something that tastes so good; you’ll be doing something good for the world.

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