Letter from the editor

Welcome to Eativity – the home of local food news.

After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, Eativity is finally live! Actually, that’s not true – there was no blood shed, and only a few tears along the way. To be honest, creating Eativity has been a fun, motivating and extremely satisfying experience. You see, Eativity is my passion project; a hope and a dream that’s finally come true.

It all started when I was working extremely long hours in the Channel 7 newsroom, juggling seven-year-old twins as a solo parent and trying to keep everyone happy. I was exhausted, and needed to take back control. However, unlike most of these types of stories, I didn’t quit corporate life, move to the bush and start my own business with the only savings I had left. I found a job that offered workplace flexibility and began equally sharing the parenting of my children. This freed up some “me” time to pursue my passions. I think that’s what they call lifestyle balance.

In my spare time, I slowly started to build a business, save some money and construct the framework for what is now this brand new digital publication. While I was effectively working two jobs, it didn’t feel like it. You know what they say – it’s not work if it’s something you love. They were spot on.

Thanks to my small team – Alison Turner, Eativity’s senior journalist; Jake Heath, our video producer; and Jane Adams, the foodie that fostered my passion – along with my family and friends who remain a constant support, Eativity has finally become a reality.

Each week we’ll be bringing Aussie consumers the very latest local food news as well as food-related health tips, lifestyle articles with a focus on organic and sustainable produce, profiles on the amazing people who are producing the very best that Australian food has to offer, recipes for the at-home cook and a weekend feature article to inspire you and keep you up to date with the latest trends and developments so you can continue to make informed decisions about the food you eat.

Eativity content is delivered in easy-to-consume, bite-sized bits for the busy. Think of it as your daily dose of fresh food news – a place to come for inspiration, information and delectation. And it can all be delivered straight to your inbox – just sign up to receive our weekly newsletter!

I hope you all enjoy Eativity as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it.

Moira Geddes

Founder & Editor