Meal kits to celebrate coffee regions

5th August 2021 | Eativity editors

Italian coffee brand Lavazza and MasterChef judge Jock Zonfrillo have announced the launch of Nature’s Course. The limited-edition at-home meal kits highlight the importance of sustainable agriculture when it comes to climate change.

With three recipes designed for two people to cook over three nights, the menu celebrates the origins of Lavazza’s ¡Tierra! coffee range, inspired by Central America, the Amazon and Africa. These coffee-growing regions are supported through sustainability projects that help farmers manage climate change and economic and agricultural developments. For $20, the meal kits are available to order in NSW, Victoria and the ACT. All proceeds will be donated to an Australian not-for-profit to carbon-offset travel miles.

Jock Zonfrillo develops meal kits with Lavazza
Jock Zonfrillo: “We can’t take our food for granted.”

Endangered ingredients

“The meals within our kit include ingredients that will raise awareness of climate change and the importance of sustainable farming,” Zonfrillo says. “We’ve brought attention to regions that the Lavazza Foundation supports through its ¡Tierra! projects and highlighted produce that is culturally significant to these local communities.

“For Central America, we’ve created a vatapá curry with annatto seeds. A roasted pumpkin salad with tamarind represents the Amazon – which is affected by drastic seasonal spikes. And finally, Africa via an injera bread with chickpeas.

“We can’t take our food for granted. Without substantial change from all of us, ingredients like these will struggle to flourish.”

Nature's Course meal kits
East African injera bread with spiced chickpeas and vegetables.

Ethical and sustainable

During menu development, Lavazza and Zonfrillo enlisted the expertise of sustainable food systems architect Sascha Rust, who has dedicated his career to developing eco-friendly food supply chains. Rust educates chefs and restaurateurs around the world on the importance of sourcing ingredients ethically and responsibly.

“The threat of climate change impacting all aspects of life is no surprise,” Rust says. “Which is why it’s important to educate people on the incredible produce that the world has on offer. And how sustainable agriculture can help continue its life cycle.”

“Research has proven that extreme temperatures pose a critical risk to the future of crops. Erratic weather conditions significantly reduce produce yields, causing rotting and an increase in disease outbreaks. Not only is it damaging food quality and quantity; it’s having drastic consequences for local farmers and their communities.”

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