New allergen starter pack to help tiny tummies get the best start

5th May 2023 | EATIVITY Editors

All new parents becomes a little bit anxious when it’s time to start feeding their babies solid foods. It’s no surprise given Australian children are reported to have the highest prevalence of food allergy in the world. But now, thanks to a new Australian innovation, developed by two doctors, parents can introduce their babies to solid foods and allergens with confidence and ease.

The Taste Bub’s Allergen Starter Pack is a hassle-free, four-week cycle program designed to safely and conveniently introduce seven of the most common food allergens to babies. It is a first of its kind in Australia and is backed by research which now shows that early introduction to allergens can help reduce the risk of developing a food allergy. A welcome product given 10 percent of children aged under one have a proven food allergy.

Each pack contains 28 powdered allergen sachets.

The brains behind the Taste Bubs’ Allergen Starter Pack are Dr. Mariam Chaalan (a family GP and clinical researcher) and Dr. Rob McLeod (a Doctor specialising in children’s health and early development). Both are parents and say that they came up with the idea after realising that a lot of other parents were really struggling when it came to knowing what to do in relation to food allergies and babies.

“The idea came about because day after day Dr. Rob and I were having appointments with parents and carers who were overwhelmed and under informed about introducing allergens to their children. Unfortunately, the outcomes were usually parents and carers delaying the introduction due to their fears, or putting additional pressures on themselves and inadvertently causing unneeded stress and anxiety. There wasn’t an easy introduction solution available on the market, so that’s why we created Taste
Bubs’.” Co-founder Dr. Chaalan said.

“We dove headfirst into research and development, testing every powdered allergen available to find the purest, most nutritious, and sustainable ingredients possible. With the help of a renowned food
technologist, who also has food allergies, we finally found our perfect mix of ingredients.”

Taste Bubs’ co-founders Dr. Mariam and Dr. Rob.

Taste Bubs aids the early introduction of food allergens by easily introducing little tummies to cashew,
peanut, egg, soy, sesame, almond, and walnut, once a baby is ready for solids. Each pack contains 28 powdered allergen sachets – with no additives or sugars – that can easily be mixed into age-appropriate baby food like vegetable and fruit pure or mash.

The allergens included in Taste Bubs’ Allergen Starter Pack are carefully selected based on the current clinical guidelines and research on early allergen introduction. Contrary to popular belief, the LEAP Study published in 2015 showed that early and regular peanut consumption achieved an 81 percent reduction in the prevalence of peanut allergy at 5 years of age.

Taste Bubs’ co-founder Dr. Rob McLeod said, “The LEAP study universally changed how we think about allergies. Food allergies can be life-threatening, and they can develop at any time, so early and ongoing introduction of allergens is crucial in reducing the risk of food allergies in children. The current best practice guidelines recommends introducing all of the common food allergens before 12 months of age.”

“As doctors, we know how important it is to introduce common food allergens early on, but as parents, we also know how challenging and overwhelming it can be. We’ve done the research and simplified this process for parents.” Dr McLeod said.

The Taste Bubs’ Allergen Starter Pack delivers convenience and helps give parents the confidence to introduce their little ones to the seven most common food allergens as early as possible, in the safest possible way – without any added stress. This doctor-designed, all-in-one solution is exclusively available via with deliveries commencing in late May 2023.

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