New campaign to support Aussie growers

3rd June 2020 | Eativity editors

Feeling blue? Eat more greens. You won’t just be doing yourself a favour, you’ll be helping our growers. Aussie food producers have faced some tough challenges in recent months, including drought, floods and bushfires. Then along comes COVID, which has affected Australian growers with changes to the export market and foodservice closures. It’s also changed what foods people are buying and eating.  

To support our growers, Hort Innovation – a grower-owned, not-for-profit research and development corporation for Australia’s horticulture industry – has launched The Good Mood Food Campaign. The aim is to motivate Australians to eat more fruit, vegies and nuts, with the message that if you eat better, you feel better. After a few months of isolation and lockdown, it’s true that we could all probably use the boost.

Good Mood Food’s central message is that fresh Aussie fruit, vegies and nuts are natural mood-boosters. The campaign is encouraging people to “eat on the bright side”. Basically, eat a wide variety of fresh, vibrant produce to look after yourself mentally and physically.

New campaign to support Aussie growers

Time to get fresh

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, only 5.4 percent of our adult population is eating enough fruit and veg, which is not good news for our health. Good Mood Food aims to educate people on how Aussie produce can promote overall health and wellbeing. It’s hoped that by doing so, the campaign will encourage Australians to buy more fresh produce. Hort Innovation data has found that growth in fresh produce sales have been widely outpaced by frozen and canned products, which are more likely to be imported.

Hort Innovation CEO Matt Brand says that the campaign grew out of the need to support growers across Australia. But also to stimulate consumer demand for fruit, vegies and nuts as we go through and beyond the COVID storm.

“It’s extremely important that we promote the importance of eating fresh Australian produce to all Australians,” he says. “Which, in turn, supports growers.”

New campaign to support Aussie growers
Eat better, feel better – it’s a bright idea!

Ready for the future

The campaign is designed to evolve and grow. It can be extended to focus on seasonality or times where Australians will be looking for increased health and wellbeing or eating options. With a new TV commercial supported by other advertising, social media and a range of partnerships, it’s hoped the campaign message will reach almost all Australians.

“We want to support growers with what they’re facing now, and with whatever happens next,” Brand says. “This campaign provides the flexible platform to do that.”

You can follow The Good Mood Food campaign on Instagram and Facebook. You can also support our growers by buying more fresh produce.