New moo-vers and shakers in dairy aisle

22nd April 2020 | Eativity editors

Flavoured milk has long been an Aussie favourite, but these days, many sugar-conscious folk are steering clear for health reasons. Deprive yourself no longer – Dairy Farmers has launched its Classic No Sugar Added (NSA) range.

These re-imagined classics boast an impressive 4.5-star health rating, over 70% of the recommended daily intake for calcium and a whopping 16g protein per serve. All this with no added sugar and the same smooth and creamy texture that flavoured milk lovers relish.

“The new Dairy Farmers Classic No Sugar Added range is just one example of how we’re delivering products that our customers know and love, without the added sugar,” says Darryn Wallace, Marketing and Innovation Director at Lion Dairy & Drinks.

“Milk is a staple in households across the nation and we’re extremely fortunate to be able to provide Australians with new products during these unprecedented times.”

Lion Dairy & Drinks sources milk locally from Aussie farmer partners, and are proud to be supporting suppliers in the food chain to keep Australians nourished, Wallace continues.

“The Classic range is especially adored by many Australians and we’re delighted to be able to provide them with an updated version with no sugar added,” he says.

Meanwhile, over in the yoghurt section, Farmers Union has developed a new range of yoghurts. The Farmers Union Greek Style Yogurt “Plus” range has been developed to cater to specific consumer needs, with each product having a unique health benefit in mind.

The range comes in a 500g format, and all contain no added sugar. It includes:

Probiotic: for those looking to care for their gut, containing 1 billion probiotics per serve.

Vitamin D: ideal for consumers wanting to support their bone health.

Protein: packs-in 12g of protein per serve for those wanting to up their protein intake.

Lactose Free: ideal for those who find lactose doesn’t agree with them.

Wallace says that recent research into consumers’ usage and attitudes helped shape the new product developments.

“We’re seeing an increasing number of shoppers seeking out food items that contain no added sugar, are higher in protein, cater for their food intolerances and support good gut health through probiotics,” he says. “Farmers Union Greek Style Yogurt has a loyal fan base and we’re committed to evolving our range to cater to their unique wellbeing needs.”

You’ll find the new Farmers Union Greek Style Yogurt “Plus” range in Woolworths, and the Dairy Farmers Classic No Sugar Added range in Coles and selected convenience stores.