On the wagon: benefits of a dry July

6th July 2020 | Eativity editors

Dry July has kicked off in earnest, and those taking part will have just made it through their first booze-free weekend. So, how are you feeling? Pretty damn good, we bet.

Having an entire month off alcohol can do wonders for your health. You might already find you’re sleeping better and have more energy and a clearer head. After a few weeks, you may notice your skin looking healthier, and might even have lost weight. Taking an extended period of sobriety can also reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels and liver fat.  

Participants will also be able to enjoy the feel-good fuzzies that go along with helping to raise funds for people affected by cancer – since the first Dry July in 2008, the campaign has raised over $49 million. Funds raised through Dry July go towards providing services that can improve the comfort, care and wellbeing of those dealing with cancer. This includes transport to life-saving appointments, accommodation near treatment, guidance from a specialist nurse or access to complementary wellbeing therapy programs.

Dry July
Taking a month off is good for you, and the funds you raise are doing good for others.

Dry, with a twist

Because 2020 has been such a rough year (is it over yet?), for this year only the Dry July Foundation is also giving Aussies the opportunity to commit to new Dry(ish) July options of 21 or 14 days dry, or to nominate their own time period to take a break from alcohol.

“We get it. Aussies have had a really challenging first half of 2020,” says Dry July Foundation CEO, Brett Macdonald. “But what remains unchanged is that people affected by cancer still need our support. In fact, they need our support more than ever.”

Research has found that 61 percent of Australians are “sober curious”. They currently drink alcohol but would like to try taking a week or more off. For those who have taken some time off, 81 percent say it helped them establish a healthier relationship with alcohol.

What if you’re going dry this July and a social occasion pops up where other people will be drinking? One way you can still go along and feel like you’re getting into the party spirit is to drink one of the many alcohol-free options now available. Not only will you feel like you’re not missing out; you’ll also enjoy a big bonus the next day: no hangover.

To find out more or to sign up for a Dry-ish July, head to dryjuly.com