Published on 28th April 2021

What can go in your compost bin?

Composting is great for making good use of food scraps, but knowing what you can put in your compost bin can be confusing. This expert “dos and don’ts” guide should help.... Read more

Published on 25th March 2021

Aussie ingenuity turns waste into worth

Monash Uni students win a global award for sustainable packaging made from peanut shells, while a major coffee brand launches a new drink made with coffee husks.... Read more

Published on 19th March 2021

New fruit fly outbreak in South Australia

Residents in the Riverland region are again being asked to check their home-grown fruit and keep backyard fruit trees tidy as two new fruit fly outbreaks are declared in the area.... Read more

Published on 16th February 2021

Getting down & dirty on climate change

Harris Farm Markets has created a new initiative to educate Australians on the growing need for regenerative farming practices and the impact of soil degradation on climate change.... Read more

Published on 11th February 2021

Looking for answers in Adelaide bins

The things you do in the name of research. Scientists will be diving deep into household bins in the Adelaide City of Burnside in an attempt to understand food waste behaviour.... Read more

Published on 3rd February 2021

Subpod: a simpler way to compost

No bad smells, no pests and no complicated set-up. This clever Aussie invention has taken the stress out of composting to help more people reduce waste and improve soil health.... Read more

Published on 27th January 2021

NSW blueberry grower is seeing green

Australian berry distributor Driscoll’s is making the move towards organic farming, with its first grower now offering organic in-conversion blueberries through to mid-February.... Read more

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