Shop talk: supermarket news updates

29th June 2020 | Eativity editors

It seems the crazy times of the past few months are not quite over, with a resurgence of panic buying seen in Victoria following a spike of coronavirus cases in the state. Fear can be catching, and so it wasn’t long before supermarkets across the country began seeing a spike in demand, too. Here’s a brief rundown on the situation, plus a few updates on what else our big supermarket chains have been up to.

Woolworths has ramped up its Melbourne delivery services.

Woolworths reinstates product limits

Woolworths has reinstated a limit of two items on toilet paper, hand sanitiser, paper towel, flour, sugar, pasta, mince, long-life milk, eggs and rice across its Victorian stores.

“While we have healthy stock levels to draw on, we’re taking this precautionary step to help prevent excessive buying and support appropriate social distancing in our Victorian stores,” says Woolworths Supermarkets Managing Director Claire Peters.

Woolworths has also increased online delivery and in-store pick-up availability in Melbourne in response to a 40 percent lift in online shopping demand across the city.

The chain has also reinstated a nationwide two-pack limit on toilet paper and paper towels.

Staples such as pasta have been limited in Coles Australia-wide.

Product limits in Coles

Coles has also implemented a number of temporary measures to improve the availability of key food and grocery items in Victorian supermarkets, putting limits on toilet paper, hand sanitiser, paper towels, flour, sugar, eggs, pasta, rice, UHT milk and mince.

At all Victorian supermarkets, Coles team members are also greeting customers at the entrance to remind them to use the sanitising station, which includes hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes for trolleys, before they enter.

Coles has also introduced Australia-wide restrictions, with customers only able to buy one pack of toilet paper and paper towels and two packs of flour, sugar, pasta and rice.

Youfoodz ready-made meals are made from locally sourced, quality ingredients.

Youfoodz now available in all Coles Australia-wide

Youfoodz meals will now be stocked in all 820 Coles supermarkets across the country.

“Our customers have told us they’re looking for quick and easy meals for lunch and dinner that are made from quality ingredients” said Charlotte Rhodes, Coles General Manager for Fresh Convenience, Dairy and Freezer.

“Our research also found that one in three customers don’t have the time to cook from scratch and 52% are not interested in cooking more at home. And since COVID-19, we have seen a growing demand for Australian restaurant-quality food that won’t break the bank and provides healthier alternatives to fast food.”

The sun shines on Orange Woolies’ new solar panels.

Woolworths completes 100th supermarket solar installation

Meanwhile, back at Woolies, Orange has become the latest Woolworths supermarket to have solar panels installed to reduce the store’s environmental footprint and energy costs.

The 100kW solar system – which is shaped like the Woolworths logo – is made up of 357 high efficiency solar panels spanning around 1000 square metres. The Orange store is one of more than 140 Woolworths Group sites now generating energy from solar power.

The solar system has the capacity to generate more than 150 megawatt hours of electricity each year – equivalent to more than 23 Australian households’ annual energy consumption. This will help offset approximately eight percent of the store’s energy consumption.