4th December 2020 | Eativity editors

Breville launches the FoodCycler

This new doodad will help you to reduce your household food waste and slash greenhouse gas emissions typically generated by food sent to council landfill.... Read More

4th December 2020 | Eativity editors

Christmas comes early for ag shows

Agricultural shows that were cancelled because of COVID-19 are about to get a slice of $34 million Australian Government funding to ensure they can bounce back in 2021.... Read More

4th December 2020 | Eativity editors

The goods: the freshest foodie finds

What’s new? A lid-free food storage solution, a crumby way to zhuzh up weekday meals, some sweet morning munchies, a brand new plant-based milk and a rather festive coffee.... Read More

3rd December 2020 | Eativity editors

A step forward in sustainable food tech

The food tech industry is on the cusp of some major changes with the launch of sustainable textured vegetable protein and a range of compostable packaging products.... Read More

3rd December 2020 | Eativity editors

The new kid in Melbourne’s Chinatown

Set high in the middle of Melbourne’s CBD, Niübi is a modern, inviting space offering a refreshing reincarnation of Asian dining that gives the word “fusion” new meaning.... Read More

2nd December 2020 | Eativity editors

Money key motivator to reduce waste

Uneaten food on consumers’ plates makes up 34 percent of food waste in the hospitality sector – an extravagance the industry could do without in the face of COVID-19.... Read More

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