Take a fish masterclass with Mr Niland

17th June 2021 | Eativity editors

Globally-acclaimed chef and author Josh Niland will be offering a deep-dive evening of conversation, demonstration and discussion that aims to inspire a new approach to fish. Two one-off Take One Fish Butchery Masterclass events will be held in Sydney and Melbourne this August, and promise to take the audience into the mind of one of Australia’s most innovative and creative chefs. The event also celebrates the upcoming release of Take One Fish, the second book by the pioneering chef behind Saint Peter, Fish Butchery and Charcoal Fish, which is due to open its doors in July 2021.

Niland encourages us to view fish as meat, think about fish beyond the fillet, and see the potential of this often-undervalued ingredient that remains the primary source of protein for more than a billion people worldwide. Forget everything you thought you knew about fish prep, storage and cooking; this event will explore Niland’s “scale-to-tail” philosophy, providing new insight into a food that’s often misrepresented as a limitless resource.

Niland is the culinary master of all things fish, with a profound knowledge of sustainable practices.

“I’m incredibly excited, because this opportunity allows me the luxury of time,” Niland says. “Time to show what we do and explain why we do it. I’m looking forward to offering complete transparency around our work and to unpack all that we’ve learnt to date. I hope that people will take away practical solutions for how we can approach fish differently, not just at home but when ordering fish on a menu or in a market.”

The masterclass will be the first in a new generation of “in conversation” events as part of the brand-new Here’s One I Prepared Earlier live series hosted by award-winning author and ABC culinary correspondent Alice Zaslavsky. Here’s One I Prepared Earlier is a dynamic series of in-depth conversations with culinary icons; those who shape what we eat, the way we think about food and inspire us to create amazing flavours with mindful approaches.

Niland has been described by Nigella Lawson as “genius” and Jamie Oliver as “mind-blowing”.

“I believe cookbooks can be read like novels – a perfect time-capsule of the author’s philosophy on food and life, in dishes,” Zaslavsky says. “This series aims to connect the dots between plate-to-page-to-stage in a veritable feast for the senses. I’m thrilled to be kicking off with Josh, a chef putting Australia’s future-focused gastronomy on the map.”

Take One Fish Butchery Masterclass by Josh Niland with Alice Zaslavsky will be held at Hamer Hall at Arts Centre Melbourne on August 2 and the Sydney City Recital Hall on August 8. Pre-sale tickets are available here, with public tickets on sale from June 21.