The goods: this week’s new products

26th June 2020 | Eativity editors

The increasing popularity of plant-based meat alternatives has seen more and better new plant-based products hitting our supermarket shelves, making life tastier and healthier for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and the culinarily curious. We bring you some new plant-based products you’ll want to try, along with a few healthy and convenient meal options that’ll make lunch and dinner a snap. Plus, we’ve found a protein bar that can help to make you even more beautiful. Like that’s possible…

New products: Bean Supreme

Bean Supreme extends range

Bean thinking about plant-based foods? So have millions of other Australians. With one in three of us now consciously limiting our meat consumption, the demand for plant-based meat alternatives is increasing at a rapid rate. 

To satisfy our growing appetite for meat-free meals, Bean Supreme has extended its vegetarian range to add Gluten Free Garlic Sausages and a Marinated Chilli & Lime Jackfruit.

The range also includes a hemp burger featuring green peas, spinach and kale; a masala burger with chickpeas, cauliflower and quinoa; a beetroot burger with black beans, buckwheat and quinoa; and a sausage range made from soybeans and featuring ingredients such as mozzarella, tomato, parsley, sage and rosemary.

The Bean Supreme range is available at selected Woolworths and Coles.

New products: Chief Collagen Bar

Chief Collagen Bars

Collagen is the main protein our body recruits to tighten, seal and heal. Collagen has been shown to decrease joint pain after exercise, increase the density of cartilage to make joints more flexible, improve skin elasticity, help smooth out wrinkles and increase skin moisture.

Now you can eat yourself beautiful with Chief Collagen Bars – they’re sweet, nut butter-based protein bars without any artificial nasties added. Each bar contains more than 15g protein, only 2g sugar, healthy fats to help keep you feeling fuller for longer and collagen protein to support your tendons, joints and skin.

Find out more at

New products: Pitango

Pitango launches new Goodness Bowls

Pitango has released brand new meal-in-a-bowl offerings in three internationally-inspired flavours, including Free Range Butter Chicken with Brown Rice, Free Range Mexican Pulled Pork with Quinoa and Beans and Free Range Thai Green Chicken Curry with Brown Rice.

Pitango Goodness Bowls are gluten-free, high in protein and fibre, and contain two serves of your daily vegie needs. The Pitango kitchen cooks the range in small batches to lock in the flavour and freshness of each ingredient, with no added preservatives or sugars added.

Cooked in as little as three minutes, Pitango Goodness Bowls are a healthy option for a quick heat-and-eat lunch or dinner. Too easy.

The Pitango Goodness Bowl Range is available nationally in Coles.