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Towri Sheep Cheeses

Food Type:
  • Condiments
  • Dairy – cheese, milk, yoghurt
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  • Artisan producer

Towri Sheep Cheeses is an artisan boutique sheep dairy situated in Queensland’s stunning Scenic Rim region. The family owned and operated dairy headed up by Carolyn Davidson produces award-winning hand-crafted sheep milk cheeses. “Towri” means “family gathering” or “family home” in the Kamilaroi language. The name was inspired by the book “My Towri”, written by Carolyn’s grandfather.

The Towri property sits on 300 acres of scenic rural land, a purpose-built dairy with specialist milking equipment and the Towri homestead. It’s home to “ewenique” events, including farm tours, cheesemaking workshops, weddings, “paint with ewe” classes and Melbourne Cup sheep races. There’s also an onsite farm shop, full of local produce.

Towri’s top-selling products include Eweghurt, a drained marinated sheep yoghurt. The Baa Jar is a traditional marinated firm sheep feta and Black Sheep Cheese is a semi-hard sheep cheese rubbed in ash, resulting in a fresh, nutty, velvety texture. There’s also the famous Cheshewe, a young pecorino packed with flavour and aged up to three months.

Towri Sheep Cheeses is open to the public on the first Saturday of each month. Farm tours start at 10am sharp. Upon arrival, guests are welcomed by the Towri family and their friendly Jack Russells. The tour begins with a milking demonstration, followed by a cheese-tasting session before cuddles with the sheep. Be sure to meet Hercules, the award-winning racing sheep who loves a good scratch behind the ear. There’s also little Franki who, if given the chance, will make a break for the rose garden! Before you leave, don't forget to pick up a bag of Woolly Mulch and Ewe Poo for your own garden.

We welcome bus tours from Monday to Friday. Farm visits and tours are by appointment only. We hope to see “ewe” here soon!

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