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Sourdough Crumpet Co.

Food Type:
  • Breads + baked goods
  • Condiments
  • Fermented Foods
  • Preserves
  • Spreads
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  • Artisan producer
  • Organic
  • Vegan
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At Sourdough Crumpet Co. we make organic, 100% sourdough crumpets by hand. What began as a hobby to treat family and friends then grew into a small farmers’ market stall, which then further grew into a production kitchen. We now supply to our local region in Byron Bay, the Tweed Shire and the Gold Coast. We believe that the more love we put into our products, the more it shows in the end. There’s nothing fast or instant about what we make; the fermentation process is slow, as is the final baking stage. But we love the flavour and texture we achieve by sticking to this process.

From our top-secret location in the foothills of Wollumbin (Mount Warning) in northern NSW, our crumpets go through a long fermentation time to develop flavour along with added gut health benefits. We use no preservatives and reject shortcuts like instant yeast. Our product is a 100 percent sourdough treat that’s kind on sensitive tummies and super tasty with sweet or savoury toppings.

Alongside our famous crumpets, we also make a small line of condiments designed to spread on top. Our Honeycomb Butter is laced with roasted and crushed local macadamia nuts – and is notoriously addictive! Our Lemon Myrtle Curd and our Passionfruit Curd are made the traditional way, and are velvety, sweet and tangy.

We supply local cafes, restaurants and delis with freshly baked crumpets. We also have a retail line at some local IGAs, fruit and veg shops and gourmet pantry stores.

At Sourdough Crumpet Co. we source our ingredients as locally as possible. We value the relationships we have with our suppliers because we like to know where our ingredients come from. We are a small-scale production, and we love what we do – creating the perfect crumpet every time we bake.

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