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Barton’s Smallgoods

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If you love lamb and you love the taste of bacon, then we know that you’ll love Barton’s Smallgoods Lamb Bacon. As the name suggests, Lamb Bacon is a bacon made with lamb, not pork. Barton’s Smallgoods has mastered the process of salting, smoking and curing all sorts of lamb cuts, but its very first product, which launched in 2017, is the original wood-smoked Lamb Bacon, made with 100 percent Australian lamb from Central Victoria. There are many types of bacon throughout the world. Now there’s Lamb Bacon in Australia.

Barton’s Smallgoods artisan methods use a traditional salt cure and redgum woodchip smoke. Lamb Bacon has a similar appearance to regular streaky bacon and can be used as a replacement for pork-based smallgoods or simply to add a modern and tasty twist to your favourite family recipes, such as Lamb Bacon pizza, Lamb Bacon BLT or Lamb Bacon and eggs. We love how it always finishes with a lovely crispy crunch when it’s cooked. It really is the best of lamb and the best of bacon, all wrapped in one delicious package.

Barton’s Smallgoods has spent months refining the traditional techniques of salting, smoking and curing so that every mouthful celebrates the top-quality lamb flavour and texture, while maintaining all of the delicious bacony things that people love.

Central Victorian sheepherder Toni Barton developed the idea of making bacon from lamb in 2016 in a bid to value-add to each lamb cut from her property. The sheep used are all free-range and fed by sprawling Victorian pasture. Barton’s Smallgoods now produces a range of lamb products, from wood-smoked lamb rashers to double-smoked lamb ham, all carefully handcrafted at its smokehouse in Geelong. Barton’s Smallgoods is proud to produce flavourful artisan meats that are created by, for and alongside their community.

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