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Provenir was created with a vision of producing Australia’s best beef. An online butcher with a very important difference, Provenir is the only licensed mobile on-farm meat processing operation in Australia, delivering the highest welfare meat directly from the farm to the consumer. Ethically sourced meat means ensuring that every day in an animal’s life is as important as the first – including the last.

On-farm processing is the key to ensuring the highest welfare and lowest stress for the animal. Unlike 99 percent of beef processed in Australia, this means that animals do not have to ensure stressful feedlots, saleyards and travel prior to processing. The stress period in Provenir’s system is anywhere between 30 seconds to three minutes. This is opposed to a minimum of two days of stress in other production systems. The difference this makes to the end-product is enormous. By respecting the life of the animal and the work farmers put into raising top-quality livestock, coupled with the on-farm process, Provenir is able to ensure the quality of the meat is retained and maximised throughout the whole process.

Provenir’s focus on animal welfare is driven in equal part by ethics and science, with the two very much going hand in hand – happy cows produce better meat. Provenir’s beef is free-range, grass-fed, hormone-free beef of exceptional quality, taste and tenderness.

Provenir offers quality meat products for consumers who value making informed and ethical purchasing decisions. Every piece of Provenir meat also comes with a QR code, which tells the story of where that animal came from. The QR code also allows the consumer to know what breed of animal the meat comes from. This all helps to create a stronger connection between the consumer and the farmer. Why not taste the difference for yourself?

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