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Kimchi Club

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  • Condiments
  • Fermented Foods
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  • Gluten free
  • Organic
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Kimchi Club was born from our founder Minka Park’s love of sharing Korean food and culture. Minka is a Korean Australian who moved from her native Seoul to Adelaide in 2000. Growing up, Minka was always in the kitchen, helping her mum and aunties with family food events, making a variety of Korean food but especially kimchi. Her memories of making kimchi with family and neighbours during Kim-jang, the annual kimchi festival season, are a special recollection she has always treasured.

After she moved to Australia, Minka studied Le Cordon Bleu cookery and hotel management, immersing herself in Australian culture and food from around the world. However, she still enjoyed making delicious seasonal kimchi and other Korean dishes for her family’s pleasure and gut health, regularly sharing these with friends and neighbours, too. Over time, she adapted kimchi recipes for vegan friends and for less adventurous eaters, bringing Korean food and culture to many people around her for the first time.

When Minka was working as a volunteer, teaching Korean to young Korean Australian children, she met other migrant Korean mums and discovered that they found it challenging to find work with English as a second language. She empathised with this, having lived through it when she first arrived, and so decided to create Kimchi Club to share Korean food and culture with all Australians and to create work opportunities for Korean women.

Kimchi Club is a unique, premium Korean food brand that’s made for Australian palates. We create our products with great care, making them by hand in small batches using premium organic produce and traditional Korean wild fermentation techniques. Our kimchi and condiment products are rich in probiotics and prebiotics, vegan, gluten-free and keto-friendly, and made with all-natural ingredients, no added sugar and no artificial flavours.

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