Addison Road opens zero-waste kitchen

9th June 2021 | Eativity editors

The Addison Road Community Centre in Sydney’s inner west will be one of the first charities in Australia to establish a zero-waste, zero-emissions kitchen for rescued food. 

Located in Marrickville, the new commercial kitchen will run entirely on solar energy. It aims to close the loop on rescued food by making ready-to-eat meals from food donated by SecondBite and Coles. The meals will be distributed to disadvantaged people in Sydney’s inner west. The kitchen is made possible thanks to a grant from the Coles Nurture Fund. Established in 2015, the fund helps small and medium businesses to innovate and grow.

Addison Road is an independent, community-based charity that’s been operating since 1976. It provides food and services for disadvantaged people in Sydney’s inner west and surrounding suburbs. Through Coles’ partnership with national food rescue organisation SecondBite, Addison Road Community Organisation receives and redistributes unsold food donations from local Coles stores to help feed those in need.

Addison Road runs rescued food pantries in Marrickville and Camperdown
Addison Road also runs rescued food pantries in Marrickville and Camperdown.

For people and the planet

Addison Road Community Organisation CEO Rosanna Barbero has welcomed the grant. She says it will fit out the new commercial kitchen and install solar panels for the organisation.

“With the support of Coles, we will achieve a zero-waste, zero-emissions food rescue program,” she says. “The winners are the people and the planet. We’ll show Australia that it can be done, by creating jobs and training opportunities, one community at a time.”

SecondBite supplies Addison Road with surplus food from Coles
SecondBite works with food suppliers to rescue surplus food and redistribute it to charities and non-profits.

Even Albo’s on board

Federal Member for Grayndler, Leader of the Opposition Anthony Albanese, has also welcomed the investment in his local community.

“Addison Road, under the leadership of Rosanna Barbero, continues to lead the way in ensuring that genuine community needs are met while considering the effect on the planet and the future,” he says. “I am always inspired by the spirit and energy that drives so many good results for the most disadvantaged in our society. This is a great project.”

Since it was established in 2015, the Coles Nurture Fund has provided financial support to more than 60 Australian businesses. It’s helped them to introduce innovative technology, improve sustainability, establish new products and drive productivity.

You can find out more about the Addison Road Community Organisation at