5th December 2020 | Alison Turner

Garden city: the age of urban farming

While our city populations are growing, our regional areas are shrinking. So where is all the extra food we need going to come from? One answer lies in our cities themselves.... Read More

1st December 2020 | Alison Turner

Kelp me if you can: is algae the answer?

Our population is growing, and traditional food production systems are already overstretched. A solution is needed, and the answer could come in an unexpected form.... Read More

24th November 2020 | Alison Turner

Ships of the desert bring new opportunity

Camel milk: it’s a highly nutritious food that could become Australia’s next big export industry. But what does camel milk taste like? And how the hell do you milk a camel, any... Read More

17th November 2020 | Alison Turner

Upple: it’s the apple you can drink

Faced with decreasing farmgate prices and increasingly stringent retail specifications, this Queensland apple-growing family has embraced innovation, creating a world-first drink.... Read More

10th November 2020 | Alison Turner

Nurturing the land & the next generation

The best farmers always have an eye on the future. Eativity meets Natalie Sommerville, who is sharing her passion for agriculture to inspire tomorrow’s food producers.... Read More

3rd November 2020 | Alison Turner

Spike in demand for “ocean’s butter”

Sea urchins were once considered a pest, but now they’re found on the menus of top Aussie restaurants. We find out why everyone’s searchin’ for urchin.... Read More

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