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Join the local Aussie food movement and go directly to the source by connecting instantly with Australia’s finest local, sustainable and artisan food producers, farmers and growers. Use the EATIVITY Local Food Directory search tool below to find the best local producers near you.

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25th September 2023 | Eativity Local Food Directory

Sourdough Crumpet Co: made with love

What began as a hobby to treat family and friends has grown into a successful Northern NSW business with a cult following. Sourdough...Read more

Supporting Aussie producers

Australia is home to some of the most pristine environments and rich farmland on the planet, which allows our farmers and artisans to grow and craft some of the best food in the world. Buying seasonal, locally produced food supports our local producers, their families and the regional and rural communities they live in.

Local food matters

Local food systems

By shortening the distance between producer and consumer, local food systems dramatically reduce emissions, preserve farmland and ensure food security. Localising food and shortening supply chains also creates and sustains local jobs and keeps money within local communities and grows regional economies.

A focus on sustainability


Sustainably produced food is healthy for our bodies and our planet. Sustainable food systems also maintain sustainable economic and social systems that allow our growers, fishers and farmers to keep our country fed. By eating with the seasons, shopping local and taking the time to learn where our food comes from, we can all be a part of a sustainable food system.

Food provenance & traceability


Knowing where food is grown, caught, raised and made is important. It allows the consumer to support producers that share their values. Traceability also ensures food safety, while proof of provenance strengthens the link between producer and consumer. Food with a face matters to us all!

Nurturing a healthy food future

Local food matters

Enjoying fresh, seasonal, local Australian produce provides us with all the nutrition and diversity we need to maintain a healthy diet. By building a stronger connection between producer and consumer, our local food systems will continue to flourish. Farming families will continue to nurture their land. Farmland will be preserved. A win for healthy living.

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