Aussie start-up to make cell-based lamb

31st May 2021 | Eativity editors
Aussie start-up to make cell-based lamb

There’s a new meat business in town, and it’s slaughter-free. Australian start-up Magic Valley has announced the launch of the world’s first cell-based lamb company in Melbourne. Quickly gaining attention globally, cell-based meat – also known as cultured, lab-grown or “clean” meat – offers a safe, healthy and tasty alternative to traditionally-farmed meat.

Founded by vegan Paul Bevan, Magic Valley brings together a team of Australia’s leading scientists with extensive experience in both stem cell biology and livestock production.

Cell-based meat is produced from a small sample of animal cells. The cells multiply and expand in a nutrient-rich culture medium to create real meat products. When compared to traditionally farmed meat, it’s estimated that producing cultured meat will result in a 96 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. It will also result in a 99 percent reduction in land use and a 96 percent reduction in water use.

Aussie start-up to make cell-based lamb

Magic Valley is currently working to complete its prototype. Within the next 12 to 24 months, products will be available at supermarkets. Magic Valley’s initial focus will be on developing the world’s first cell-based lamb products such as mince, steaks and chops.

“Given Australia’s excellent reputation for food safety, security and quality sheep, lamb was the obvious choice for the our first product range,” he says. “Magic Valley’s cultured meat products will offer consumers a slaughter-free alternative to traditionally farmed lamb.”

This advancement in food technology will also benefit consumers around the world. The company is planning to expand to China, greater Asia, the US and the Middle East.

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