Aussie truffles: farm to door in 48 hours

22nd July 2021 | Eativity editors

Life, like the truffle season, is short. So eat truffles while the winter sun shines. Lockdown or no lockdown, black truffles are currently available online for delivery from Australian Truffle Traders. Direct from the farm in Manjimup nestled in Western Australia’s south west, freshly unearthed truffles are carefully cleaned, graded, sealed, cold-packed and shipped across Australia via express post with delivery in 48 hours, in most cases.

Gavin Booth, owner of Australian Truffle Traders, says the truffle season is brief, and with COVID still wreaking havoc across the nation, people deserve a little indulgence.

“Let’s face it, we’ve had a tough 18 months, so there’s never been a better time to treat yourself and bring some joy to the table with fresh truffles,” he says. “We’re really feeling for everyone in lockdown across the country. Lockdowns are tough on everyone.

Truffles, while alluring and decadent, can be enjoyed by everyone; not just a select few eating at expensive restaurants. We want to make truffles more accessible to more people.”

Black truffles
Banish the lockdown blues (at least temporarily) with a special delivery of fresh WA truffle.

Truffles at the peak of freshness

The Booth family is one of Australia’s most experienced truffle families. They’ve been a part of the Manjimup truffle industry for over a decade, and are hands-on from growing and distribution to dog training and hunting. As farmers, they understand that for chefs, restaurateurs and distributors, getting truffles at the peak of freshness is paramount.

The Booths value their place on the family farm in the Southern Forests of Manjimup, knowing that shortcuts don’t work. Nurturing the soil, trees and environment is key to the perfect truffle. Nestled on gently sloping paddocks and bordered by Karri forest, their orchards contain a mix of oak and hazelnut trees underneath which the truffles grow.

Australian Truffle Traders
Truffle dogs Molly (pictured), Gidgee and Max have an uncanny ability to hunt out only the ripest of truffles.

A fleeting season

Australian Truffle Traders sell to customers direct from the farm and online, which is super easy – in just a few clicks, a freshly harvested black truffle will soon be on its way to you.

“The truffle season doesn’t last long; we’ve got about six or eight weeks left,” Booth says.

For the ultimate truffle experience, there’s nothing like hunting them for yourself. WA locals can visit the truffle farm in Manjimup, and follow specially-trained (and adorable) truffle dogs Molly, Gidgee or Max as they nose out the ripest of fresh truffles. Or you could just play with the new addition to the family, a puppy called Gunnah.

For those in other states, you can enjoy a gourmet truffle experience at home by making Booth’s super simple but seriously decadent “Hell Yeah” baked truffle brie recipe.

“One of our favourite ways to enjoy fresh black truffle is also one of the simplest,” Booth says. “Hanging out with friends or family with a bottle of red and truffled brie pulled from the wood-fired stove, ready to smear over hunks of fresh sourdough. Hell yeah.”

Truffles with baked brie

“Hell Yeah” baked truffle brie

You’ll need:

Brie (whole wheel)
Fresh truffle
Freshly baked sourdough


1. Carefully cut the brie in half, like you would a bread roll for a sandwich.

2. Layer thin shavings of truffle until completely covered. Rejoin two halves. Rewrap in original packaging, put in a sealed container in the fridge for 3 days so truffle permeates.

3. Preheat oven to 80°C. Remove the truffled brie from its wrapping and place it in a small round oven dish, just a bit larger than the brie. Push your thumb down into centre of the brie and add a drizzle of chardonnay into the hole.

4. Bake for 20 minutes until it’s a gloopy mess.

5. Add extra truffle on top if you’re feeling decadent. Serve with warm sourdough.

Truffle Hunts through the hazelnut and oak orchards at Australian Truffle Traders take place every Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday and other times by appointment. To book, click here. For more information, including tips for storing and using truffles or to order truffles online for delivery, head to the Australian Truffle Traders website.

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