Breville launches the FoodCycler

4th December 2020 | Eativity editors

In Australia, roughly 40 percent of the 8.5 million tonnes of food waste that goes into landfill each year is generated by domestic households. While composting is a great way to do your bit towards diverting food waste, not every household has the capacity to compost, and not all food scraps are able to be composted. Now a new solution is available, at least for those of us who have a spare $500 on hand. The Breville FoodCycler claims it can reduce household food waste by up to 80 percent, and eliminate 100 percent of greenhouse gas emissions generated by food sent to landfill.

The FoodCycler transforms household food waste into nutrient-rich, odourless “EcoChips” using a three-stage cycle. The system pulverises and dries nearly all types of food waste, reducing it to small particles, while simultaneously aerating and heating, which helps decompose and sterilise the waste.

Breville FoodCycler

The system can transform most fruit and vegetable scraps, meat, fish, shellfish, poultry, chicken and fish bones, cereals, dairy, eggs and shells, coffee grounds, filters and tea bags, beans, seeds and legumes, as well as pet food. The system operates in three stages. First, it dehydrates and sterilises scraps, then it grinds them down, reducing the volume of the scraps by around 80 percent and forming EcoChips. It then cools the chips for disposal.

To find out more about the FoodCycler, head to But buyer beware: to check out Choice’s review of the FoodCycler, click here.