Plant-based meat: a better burger

17th June 2020 | Eativity editors

So, you love a good burger. Hey, who doesn’t? But many of us also want to cut down on red meat, both for our own health and for the health of the planet. We’ve got good news: you no longer have to live a sad, burger-free existence. Food tech wizards have brought their A-game to the lab and created some truly tasty meat-free burgers that will rock your world. Check out these plant-based patties that are good for you – and the environment.

Plant-based meat burger
Bite into a better burger.

Meat alternatives have come a long way. In the past, vegetarians who wanted a meat substitute had few options – perhaps another serve of tofu? Or some tasteless, rubbery vegan sausage? But in recent years, the plant-based meat market has exploded with products that look, taste and feel almost like the real thing. All of this means that ethical-minded consumers can now enjoy a delicious burger without the side order of guilt. Here’s a rundown of some of the products on offer, and a look at the companies that provide them.

Plant-based meat: Beyond Burger

The Beyond Burger

The Beyond Burger is probably the best known of the bunch. It’s a plant-based burger that’s designed to look, cook and satisfy like beef but is made entirely from plants without soy, gluten or GMOs. It’s available to buy in IGA and Coles, but has also made its way onto the menu at burger chains like Grill’d and Lord of the Fries. The plant-based patty boasts 20g of protein with less total and saturated fat than a traditional beef burger.

The Beyond Burger is made by Beyond Meat. This US-based company was founded in 2009 with the aim of building meat directly from plants to positively benefit human health, climate change, natural resource conservation and animal welfare. The company’s product range has since expanded to include breakfast patties, mince, sausages and crumbles.

Plant-based meat: Incredible burger

The Incredible Burger

The Harvest Gourmet Incredible Burger is a “cook from raw” plant-based burger that delivers on taste and texture as well as a similar cooking experience to that of a meat burger. It also provides the nutritional benefits of plant-based proteins. It’s made with soy and wheat protein, resulting in a burger that’s high in protein and fibre.

The burger blends natural plant extracts – beetroot, carrot and capsicum – and is prepared using “proprietary techniques” to imitate the juicy texture of a beef burger. Chopped coconut oil is used to give the burger its marbled fat appearance, which also leaves a luxurious mouthfeel. You can find it at Woolies.

The Alternative Burger

The Alternative Burger is 100% plant-based, vegan-friendly and free from preservatives and artificial flavours. It delivers a meat-like flavour and texture, and also provides a good source of protein. The burger is made using a combination of proteins sourced from soy, wheat and pea. This is combined with coconut for juiciness and beetroot for rich colour.

The burger is made by the Alternative Meat Co. which also offers plant-based mince and sausage products. The company’s values are centred around caring for the environment, animals and people’s health in the most sustainable way possible. Packaging is recyclable and the factory facilities on NSW’s Central Coast are 100% vegan friendly. As well as being the first Australian based plant-based protein to be sold in the meat category in Coles, the products have also rolled out to independent supermarkets nationally. You can also find them at burger chains like Huxtaburger and Hello Harry.