CherryHill: a brand worth protecting

27th January 2021 | Eativity editors
CherryHill: a brand worth protecting

CherryHill Orchards is known for its premium-quality cherries and packaging that promises “bite-sized moments of joy”. Spanning the pristine Yarra Valley to the Victorian High Country, CherryHill has Australia’s longest cherry-growing season, from early November through to February. It produces full-flavour fruit of amazing quality, as well as for its memorable cherry-picking experiences and wide range of cherry-based products.

To ensure consumers are getting what they pay for, and learn the story of their cherries along the way, CherryHill Orchards has applied Laava Smart Fingerprint technology on its cherry boxes in Australian and international markets during the 2020-21 Australian season.

CherryHill Orchards
When you know where your food comes from, you can be sure you’re supporting Aussie producers.

Next level protection

CherryHill Marketing Manager Vanessa Tang says that the rise of counterfeiting in the fresh produce industry is a growing concern for producers, and CherryHill wants to be at the forefront of protecting its brand against fakes.

The addition of Laava Smart Fingerprints on CherryHill’s boxes gives the brand an unprecedented level of protection. It offers consumers the opportunity to verify the authenticity of each individual box. Unlike QR codes, Laava Smart Fingerprint technology is secure by design. It offers a much higher standard of anti-counterfeit protection and provides sophisticated consumer engagement capabilities.

The Laava experience is available to CherryHill consumers domestically and in the Asian export market
The Laava experience is available to CherryHill consumers domestically and in the Asian export market.

Scan for surety

Consumers can simply use the browser on their smartphone or Laava’s WeChat mini-program to scan the fingerprint. They’ll see a results screen verifying the product, or providing a “suspected counterfeit” message. The results screen also connects the consumer with the CherryHill brand story. This includes photos of the orchards and fruit-picking, event invitations and opportunities to engage more deeply.

You can find CherryHill boxes at Costco, Coles and some independent stores. You can also find more information on the company website.

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