Choice reveals best hot cross buns of 2021

11th March 2021 | Eativity editors
Choice reveals best hot cross buns of 2021

Coles has topped the list in an expert taste test of 21 different hot cross buns – covering traditional, chocolate, apple and cinnamon and gluten-free varieties. Choice tested buns from Coles, Woolworths, Aldi and IGA, Bakers Delight and Costco. So what are the best hot cross buns this year, and where can you find them?

Choice reveals best hot cross buns of 2021
Tough gig. So where do we sign up for next year?

“Coles was clearly the winner in our testing this year, with their hot cross buns coming first in both chocolate and traditional categories,” says Choice food editor Rachel Clemons.

“Our experts blind taste-tested all 21 hot cross buns, and scored them on flavour, appearance, aroma and texture. We set up our experts in the Choice kitchen lab and provided them with the hot cross bun samples in a randomised order, which is different for each expert. Our experts have more 80 years’ experience in the food industry between them, so they’re the perfect people to test out these Easter treats.” Lucky them, eh?

Here are Choice’s top three picks for the best hot cross buns in traditional and chocolate.

Best hot cross buns - traditional: Coles Traditional Fruit

Best hot cross buns traditional

1. Coles Traditional Fruit

Choice expert rating: 80%
Price: $0.58 per bun

“Our experts really liked the Coles Traditional Fruit bun, praising it for its shiny colour and bouncy texture. If you like quite a lot of fruit in your bun, this one’s for you,” says Clemons.

Aldi Specially Selected Traditional Fruit

2. Aldi Specially Selected Traditional Fruit

Choice expert rating: 79%
Price: $0.75 per bun 

“The Aldi Specially Selected Traditional Fruit gives well when squeezed and bounces back, has a lovely balance of flavour, and an intense ginger aroma,” says Clemons.

Bakers Delight Traditional Fruit

3. Bakers Delight Traditional Fruit

Choice expert rating: 78%
Price: $1.33 per bun

“Our experts noted that the Bakers Delight Traditional Fruit bun is a good shape and size, and has a nice texture inside and out,” says Clemons.

Best hot cross buns - chocolate" Coles Chocolate

Best hot cross buns chocolate

1. Coles Chocolate

Choice expert rating: 84%
Price: $0.58 per bun

“The Coles Chocolate hot cross bun is great for the chocolate fiends out there. You get a good chocolate hit from this one, with lots of chocolate chips evident,” says Clemons.

Bakers Delight Choc Chip

2. Bakers Delight Choc Chip

Choice expert rating: 75%
Price: $1.33 per bun 

“Our experts said that the Bakers Delight Choc Chip bun had a good flavour, a pleasant aroma, and lots of choc chips!” says Clemons.

Woolworths Cadbury Chocolate

3. Woolworths Cadbury Chocolate

Choice expert rating: 74%
Price: $0.58 per bun 

“The Woolworths Cadbury Chocolate bun has a beautiful chocolate aroma and a moist texture,” says Clemons.

The full results of Choice hot cross bun testing can be found here.