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26th October 2020 | Eativity editors

If things have seemed a little lacklustre of late, we might just have the perfect event to add a little excitement to your nights at home. Business and creativity festival Pause Fest is teaming up with British culinary wunderkinds Bompas & Parr for a one-time pyrotechnic kitchen masterclass – with a twist. And it’s free for everyone to attend.

Internationally famous for their spectacular culinary events, Bompas & Parr will be hosting the innovative online experience, Explosions of Flavour, on November 5 at 8pm AEDT. The event will be live streamed direct from Bompas & Parr’s Bermondsey base in London to mark the official launch of Pause Fest 2021.

The ever-innovating twosome are famous for their food-focused surprises.

In a homage to bonfire night celebrations in the UK, Explosions of Flavour promises to be a pyrotechnic vision-quest. The event will teach viewers:

• How to relieve pandemic tedium and ennui with home-made pyrotechnics using things you would probably have in your kitchen, including gummy bears, flowers and steel wool.

• Culinary and counter-top wizardry, such as illuminated pickles (yes, really).

This is not one for the faint-hearted! Attendees will come away from the event as arbiters of taste, impressing friends and family with simple but spectacular kitchen projects.

Delicious design: Bompas & Parr’s jelly architecture.

Heralded by Time Out as one of 50 Londoners who make the city awesome, Sam Bompas and Harry Parr are internationally recognised for their multi-sensory experience design. They’ve been referred to as “Willy Wonka during his freewheeling student days”, and Alex James from Blur called them the rock n’ roll geniuses of the food world. It all started with jelly architecture but has now branched out to breathable cocktail clouds, cooking with lava and a monstrous two-hundred courses served in a single seating.

Breathable gin and tonic, anyone?

Bompas says that while COVID-19 has turned the events industry upside down, this hasn’t phased the team: “The pandemic has meant we’ve had to pivot on how we deliver exceptional multi-dimensional experiences, but it hasn’t deterred or distracted us from continuing to push boundaries of innovation,” he says. “If anything, it’s been a positive game-changer for us, running events that directly enter people’s homes.”

Explosion of Flavour will have you running to your kitchen the moment it’s over – to play and experiment with simple ingredients to create something explosive and delicious.

“Nothing breaks through the boredom of COVID-19 restrictions like a little at-home pyrotechnics,” Bompas says. “We are ever the radical optimists!”

Explosions of Flavour is free to attend. Tickets are available here.

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