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18th June 2021 | Eativity editors
Food news

Meat is meat and plants are plants, and never the twain shall meet. Or so you thought. Now there’s a whole new kind of meat alternative that’s brought these two disparate worlds together. Making news this week, a range of hybrid meat/plant products has been launched as a gateway food for people who’d like to start eating less meat and more plants but aren’t quite ready to dive headfirst into veganism just yet. As a bonus, the products are also the ideal ruse for frustrated parents whose kids would rather die than eat a piece of broccoli. You can find out more, along with this week’s other top food news headlines, below.

Food news headlines this week: hybrid meat
It’s chicken, pimped with plants.

Hello hybrid chicken

First there was meat, then there was plant-based meat. Now there’s hybrid meat. Food company The Positively Good Co. has released +Plant hybrid chicken nuggets made from 50 percent chicken and 50 percent plant protein.

The Positively Good Co. describes itself as sitting at the intersection of responsible eating and the desire to eat meat by encouraging people to try meat products with added goodness. The +Plant nuggets are designed for fussy eaters. In fact, company founder Todd Robertson says his son was one of the inspirations behind the product. They have the same chicken nugget taste and texture that kids love, but with the added benefit of vegies.

The nuggets are also additive-free and carry a 4-star health rating. Other products in the new range include Beef +Plant Meatballs, Lamb +Plant Meatballs and Chicken +Plant Tenders. To find stockists near you, head to

Food news headlines this week: Banksia Bakehouse sweetens up winter
We would say that it looks too pretty to eat, but that would be a lie.

Sweetening up a Sydney winter

Sydney’s Banksia Bakehouse has unleased its latest sweet creations. The team is adding a splash of colour to winter with some seasonal fruit delights. Headlining the bakery’s June line-up is the gorgeous pink and green Pistachio Strawberry. This is a pistachio sponge with a centre of mascarpone and strawberry coulis and a topping of fresh strawberry slices.

If that’s not enough to lure you out of the house on a winter’s day, check out these creations. There’s a Caramel Pear and Crumble croissant, filled with gold chocolate mousse and caramel pear jam and topped with gold chocolate mousse and spiced crumble; Winter Breeze, with vanilla mousse and grapefruit, pear and verbena filling, vanilla bean chocolate glaze and sable base; and Orange Almond, which has caramel chocolate ganache layered with orange marmalade and caramel cream on an almond praline sponge and a milk chocolate crushed almond coat, caramel cream and caramelised almonds.

Banksia Bakehouse’s June specials are available Monday to Saturday at Grosvenor Place piazza, 225 George Street, Sydney.

Food news headlines this week: Doux Amour goes pink
This little piggy went wee-wee-wee all the way into our belly.

You’ll be tickled pink

Just when you thought people had come up with every national day under the sun, along comes National Pink Day. Yup. June 23 is a day dedicated to celebrating the colour pink and everything it represents. Sydney’s Doux Amour is taking the theme and running with it, offering an entire week of pink specials. The Ultimo-based cafe and patisserie that specialises in choux pastries of the cute animal variety will be offering a pink “Sakura” latte and a “Rosie” pink pig choux pastry. The latte has soft floral notes with a hint of cherry; Rosie – like her name – tastes of fragrant rosewater and is laced with juicy lychee.

If choux is not for you, also on the limited-edition menu is a raspberry delight tart. This is a delectable (and Insta-worthy) raspberry and white chocolate ganache sponge, topped with raspberry cream sugar. The pink menu is available from June 21 to 27 at 68 Bay St, Ultimo.

Sicilian beach party At Mister Bianco
“Can you help me find my contact lens?”

Sicilians on the beach

Since it’s too cold to go to the beach, Melbourne’s Mister Bianco is bringing the beach indoors. A special Sicilian Beachside activation will see the Kew restaurant filled with sand between June 22 to 26, as part of Melbourne Good Food Month.

On June 23 and 24, Joe Vargetto of Mister Bianco and Lorena Corso of Napier Quarter will also host a Siciliana vs. Siciliano event. Guests can enjoy a six-course degustation, each with two dishes. One will be from the Australian Sicilian (Vargetto), the other from the Sicilian (Corso). You then get to vote on your favourite dish. Guests at other sittings will enjoy a fixed Sicilian Beachside menu. All are invited to kick off their shoes and enjoy the sand between their toes. Thongs and sandals are welcome. To book, click here.

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