From public servants to chocolatiers

17th July 2021 | Moira Geddes

For many foodies across Australia, the idea of turning grandma’s most beloved recipes or their own home-grown produce into products everyone could buy would be a dream come true. While it might sound like paradise on a plate in theory, the practical reality of taking an idea from bowl to brand usually abruptly wakes us up from that daydream pretty quick smart. But for one Canberra-based couple who has successfully turned their passion into a product, it’s been one of the best journeys of their lives.

Five and a half years ago, Li Peng Munroe and her partner Peter were spinning the hamster wheel as dedicated public servants, like so many others, in Australia’s capital. Then one day, on a trip to Margaret River in Western Australia, Li Peng was inspired by a local artisan chocolate marker to hang a sharp right and take her life down a deliciously different route. It was this moment which led to the launch of their chocolate brand, Jasper + Myrtle.

The couple is fully committed to buying ethically-sourced beans from farmers in Papua New Guinea, which they bring back to Australia, roast and then use to produce award-winning bean-to-bar handmade chocolates out of their small factory in Canberra. The range includes unique flavours like macadamia and lemon myrtle; orange, cinnamon and cayenne; Himalayan rock salt and wakame; and spiced rum.

In the video below, Eativity catches up with the owners of Jasper + Myrtle to hear more about their story and sample some of their highly acclaimed dark chocolate delights.