Olivebox EVOO dishes with a difference

15th April 2021 | Eativity editors

Any good cook worth their salt knows that the base of many a good meal requires a quality olive oil. Now planet-conscious consumers can buy Australia’s first sustainable olive oil – Olivebox. Produced in boutique South Australian groves, the artisanal olive oil has brought a whole new, more environmentally-friendly category to the Australian olive oil industry.

Olivebox’s authentic olive oils, sustainable packaging and carbon neutral delivery service have created a new standard for olive oil. The Olivebox bag-in-box is made with 100 percent biodegradable outer packaging and an inner pouch that’s kind to the environment. The bag-in-box offers more efficient packaging and subsequent transportation and associated costs than glass or plastic bottles.

Olivebox EVOO

Olivebox olive oils are also able to remain fresher and hold their qualities longer, as the cardboard packaging limits the effects of air and light, reducing oxidation. You can also buy refill bags made with aluminium-based packaging, which cut up to 90 percent of plastic used in a typical plastic bottle of olive oil. The bag also reduces the carbon footprint it takes to manufacture and transport heavy glass bottles by 10 times.

Alex Prichard, Head Chef at Bondi Icebergs’ Dining Room and Bar, has created two recipes especially for Olivebox, which we’ve now shared with you. One works great as a fancy starter, the other as a dessert with a difference, so you can impress the heck out of your dinner guests the next time you’re entertaining at home.

To check out the full range of Olivebox olive oils, head to oliveboxco.com. Five percent of revenue is donated to environmental charities.

Scampi crudo with Davidson plum and pink peppercorn

Scampi crudo with Davidson plum and pink peppercorn

This fancy little number is easy to prepare, but looks pretty enough to grace any restaurant table. If you can’t find greengage plums, you can use regular plums.

You’ll need:

6 large scampi
Olivebox lemon-infused extra virgin olive oil for marinade
1 Davidson plum (fresh or frozen)
2 greengage plums
1 tsp pink peppercorn
2 limes
50ml Olivebox lemon-infused extra virgin olive oil
Wild herbs, leaves and flowers


1. Start by removing the shells from the scampi. Chop roughly and drizzle with lemon-infused oil to marinate. Add lime zest, lime juice, crushed pink peppercorn and salt. Mix.

2. Squeeze the Davidson plum juice into 50ml of lemon oil to make the dressing.

3. Slice the greengage plums into discs.

4. Place a small pile of the crudo mix into the centre of the plate, top with the plum slices and dressing. Finish with whatever fragrant herbs and flowers you have.

Chocolate and blood orange olive oil mousse

Chocolate and blood orange olive oil mousse

Using olive oil in chocolate mousse? Yep – not only does the olive oil impart its flavour into the mousse, it also creates a super-smooth and soft texture.

You’ll need:

120g egg yolk
1 medium to large whole egg
85g sugar
40ml water
140g dark chocolate
40ml Olivebox blood orange-infused extra virgin olive oil (plus more to serve)
250ml cream

To serve:

200ml cream
4 vanilla pods


1. Combine chocolate and olive oil in a bowl. Place over of a pot of simmering water to melt.

2. Whisk the 250ml of cream to firm peaks then set aside for later.

3. Begin whisking the egg yolks and whole egg in a KitchenAid or other mixer on a high speed so they become light and fluffy.

4. Combine the sugar and water in a small pot and heat until it reaches 121°C (check with a food thermometer).

5. Slowly pour the hot sugar syrup into the egg mixture with the mixer continuing on high. Continue whisking until the mix has come down to room temperature.

6. Remove the chocolate from the heat and begin adding the egg mixture, one third at a time, folding lightly until all is combined. Then add the whipped cream half at a time until all is combined. Set aside in the fridge for three hours or overnight.

7. Before serving, whisk 200ml of cream and vanilla until soft peaks have formed.

8. Throw a generous dollop of the whipped cream into a bowl then follow with the chocolate mousse. Drizzle liberally with blood orange oil and a pinch of salt.