Getting set up for backyard chickens

14th November 2020 | Moira Geddes
Getting set up for backyard chickens

Keeping backyard chickens has never been so popular, but just like kittens and puppies, chickens require certain things to keep them happy, healthy and safe. So before deciding to add some feathery friends to your family, it’s important that you do your research to work out if it’s really something you can commit to.

A couple of months ago we decided, as a family, to get some backyard chickens. We did lots of research and discovered six things to know before getting chickens. As the time drew closer for our chickens to be delivered, I realised there were still a few things I needed to know in relation to setting up the coop and having the right food for them.

In the video below, I get some expert advice from backyard chicken breeder John Huntington from City Chicks. You’ll also get a first look at our new chickens!

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