Gloriously local oats everyone can eat

26th June 2021 | Moira Geddes

If you talk to anyone who has coeliac disease, they’ll likely tell you that it’s impossible to find gluten-free oats in Australia. But that’s because they’ve never heard about a gloriously gluten-free option that’s actually been available to any Aussie following a gluten-free diet for well over a decade – way before gluten-free became trendy.

Pure oats in their natural state are actually gluten-free, but when processed in the same facilities as wheat, barley or rye, they can get contaminated with gluten. Because of such contaminants, local oat producers aren’t legally allowed to label their oats “gluten-free”. However, one Queensland-based company is actively lobbying food councils and working with the pollies in Canberra and the Small Business Ombudsman to try and change this.

Since 2009, GF Oats Australia founder Kylie Martin and her team have been importing certified uncontaminated oats from Wyoming in the US, packaging them here to sell to the domestic market. After a long wait, the company is now also selling a small amount of Australian-grown oats that are gluten contaminant-free.

In the video below, I caught up with Martin to learn more about her gluten-free product and how she’s building customer loyalty and trust.