Great Australian seafood – it’s easy as

10th November 2020 | Eativity editors

Seafood Industry Australia (SIA) has launched its first ever whole-of-industry marketing campaign, supported by the Australian Government, to promote Australian seafood, and has also unveiled the nation’s flagship brand, Great Australian Seafood.

Assistant Minister for Forestry and Fisheries Jonno Duniam says that encouraging more domestic consumption of Australian seafood is vitally important for the seafood industry’s survival and recovery through the COVID-19 crisis.

“It’s been an incredibly tough year for Australia’s seafood sector and they need our support,” the minister says. “The seafood industry was the first and worst hit when export markets virtually shut down overnight at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Fortunately, every Australian can play a role in helping our fishers, and it’s as simple as eating some Aussie seafood. That’s a win-win for all of us.”

Summer is the perfect time to be cooking with seafood, and it’s a lot easier than you might think.

The campaign will support all sectors of the seafood industry, from fishers and processors through to those in the foodservices sector, and it will provide a much-needed boost to ensure the industry can have a strong, sector-wide recovery.

“We are incredibly lucky here in Australia to have the best seafood in the world,” Duniam says. “Australians can have the utmost confidence in the supply and quality of our locally produced, premium seafood. Make sure you do your best to buy Australian, to support the producers who are supporting all of us, and enjoy some Australian seafood.”

Earlier this year, the Coalition announced a $4 million marketing grant, funded by the Australian Government under the $1 billion COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Fund to deliver a much-needed boost to the seafood industry.

“This campaign is led by industry, for industry, to promote domestic sales and provide a boost to the entire seafood industry supply chain,” says SIA CEO Veronica Papacosta.

The campaign, which premiered on November 8, sees the industry establish its first whole-of-industry brand similar to other key Australian protein and agricultural products.

“The campaign has been structured to influence and inspire consumers to add more Australian seafood into their diets,” says SIA Media and Communications Manager Jessica McInerney. “We want to break the mindset of consumers thinking cooking seafood is hard, by reminding them it’s actually ‘Easy As’.”

Consumer support for domestic produce is high in the wake of coronavirus, and behaviour is shifting to prioritise locally grown and made products. This means now is a good time for the SIA to launch a consumer brand campaign.

How can you resist? Aussie seafood is as fresh and delicious as it gets.

“The campaign celebrates Australian seafood, its ties to our culture, and encourages every Australian to eat more Aussie seafood,” McInerney says. “We’ve tapped into what makes us Aussies, and we hope people will have a laugh and of course, throw another prawn on BBQ.”

Papacosta says the SIA is being realistic about what the industry can achieve within a 12-month period: “We know we won’t change national attitudes overnight, which is why the Great Australian Seafood brand is a long-term initiative designed to build a relationship with the nation,” she says. “We want to inspire a generational shift in attitude towards seafood consumption. We want to continue to tell our industry’s story well into the future.”

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