In season: plump and juicy mangoes

2nd October 2020 | Eativity editors

Sweet news: the Australian mango season is officially open! Australia’s favourite tropical fruit is now in full supply, with national dispatch levels increasing from 100,000 trays a week in early September to the weekly harvest expecting to exceed 400,000 trays by the end of October as the peak of the season commences.

It’s anticipated that Aussies will indulge in close to 200 million mangoes across the warmer months, and as a result of ideal growing conditions, mango lovers are in for a stellar season that will carry on consistently throughout the summer months to March next year.

Currently, the majority of mangoes are being dispatched from the Northern Territory, but from November, the baton will pass to Queensland to produce the lion’s share of the yield.

With innovative, infrared testing completed on mangoes by growers across the country before picking, the taste test results are in and mango flavours are set to be exceptional.

It’s set to be a sensational summer for Aussie mangoes.

“There’s no doubt 2020 has been a difficult year for all, but the good news is it hasn’t affected our produce,” says Robert Gray, CEO of Australian Mangoes. “Thanks to perfect warmer weather, our preliminary tests indicate that Australians can expect an incredibly flavoursome mango season. Our hardworking growers are delivering that iconic, sweet mango taste that everyone knows and loves.”

The well-loved Kensington Pride variety (also known as the Bowen) introduces us into the start of the mango season, and will remain available until early next year. In October, consumers will see the Calypso and R2E2 varieties on the shelves before Honey Gold mangoes arrive in November. These four main varieties will be available collectively until the end of January, when the later Keitt, Palmer and Kent varieties will also become available and carry mangoes through to the end of the season.

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