International sausage, anyone?

5th May 2021 | Eativity editors

There’s not much that’s more Aussie than a sausage sanga, but one Australian institution is on a mission to prove that this barbecue staple can be so much more than just a humble snag on white. The University of Adelaide’s Festival of Sausage in Bread will explore the culinary breadth of this meaty masterpiece, as part of this year’s Tasting Australia festival.

“The Festival of Sausage in Bread will convert even the saltiest sausage sourpuss into a cabana connoisseur,” promises the University of Adelaide’s Ross Ganf, Director, Cultural and Campus Events, who is the brains behind the event.

The event is an egalitarian bit of fun that will provide a more down-to-earth counterpoint to some of the high-end gastronomic experiences of Tasting Australia.

As Australian as… well, a snag sanga.

Everyone is welcome to attend the one-day Festival of Sausage in Bread on Friday, May 7 – not just students and other members of the university community but anyone with a passion for a sausage with a twist. Two sizzling sessions, the first from 11am to 2pm and the second from 5pm until 8pm, will see snags served by chef Gus Love from Lovefield Catering and Ellis Butchers from McLaren Vale in the university’s Cloisters, overlooking the River Torrens. Entry to the event is free, with a small fee of $5 to enjoy a snag from around the world.

The menu includes delicious sausages such as the South African boerewors with traditional rich tomato and onion-based sheba relish and the sai ua sausage from northern Thailand, which is known for the sour orange chutney that accompanies it.

South African boerewors is typically made from minced beef, but can be made with minced pork or lamb.

Other sausage delights from the menu will include:

• Choripan and chimichurri (pictured at top)
• Cevapi with ajvar and Russian salad
• Hotlink hotdog with America mustard and ketchup
• Lamb truffle parmesan “democracy sausage” with onions and taka tala tomato sauce
• Lorne sausage (square Scottish sausage) with HP sauce
• Eggplant vego “sausage” with whipped tahini and black garlic dukkah

The square Scottish Lorne sausage is made from minced meat, rusk and spices.

The Festival of Sausage in Bread is part of South Australia’s premium food and wine festival, Tasting Australia presented By RAA Travel, and underlines the University of Adelaide’s connection with the state’s agriculture, food and wine sector.

“Our campus perimeters will be open to everyone to enjoy the festival and our campus, which has become one of Adelaide’s new social spaces,” says Ganf. “Entertainment such as the quintessentially South Australian game of sausage-themed bingo and lawn games will keep crowds in the UniBar smiling as they enjoy a glass or two of wine or beer.”

A case of McLaren Vale wine, courtesy of University of Adelaide alumni Caleigh Hunt and Luke Growden of Year Wines, is being auctioned at the event. Profits from the festival will be split between Adelaide University Sport, Adelaide University Union and the university’s Student Emergency Fund, which supports students who are experiencing financial hardship.

Event information is available at

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