Let’s barbie: Aussie beef Olympic fever

29th June 2021 | Eativity editors

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) has launched its major Japanese consumer campaign “Let’s Barbie”, which will run until September. The campaign promotes purchasing and cooking Aussie beef at home while encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle.

“This year’s theme builds on the strong emotional connection consumers have with Australian beef and staying ‘genki’,” says Scott Walker, MLA’s Regional Manager in Japan. “This is a Japanese word that means vitality or good health.”

Let's barbie with Aussie beef

The campaign will run through a variety of media channels, all built around a TV ad. The ad will have nationwide coverage during the Olympic period. MLA is an official partner for the Australian Olympic and Paralympic teams in Japan, so positioning the campaign along with the partnership will ensure Aussie beef gets maximum exposure during the event.

Coinciding with the Olympics will be a three-month pop-up Aussie Beef Clubhouse. This will bring the experience of Aussie-style barbeque directly to Japanese consumers.

Aussie Beef Clubhouse

“There’s a BBQ venue that can host up to 700 people in the Toyosu region of Tokyo, which is very close to where the games will be held,” Walker says. “For three months, we’ll be rebranding the venue with our international True Aussie Beef brand and offering barbecued Australian beef. Over this three-month period, we plan to reach around 90,000 consumers. We want to familiarise them with Australian beef and its flavour.”