MasterChef star’s cult pastry hits Sydney

22nd July 2021 | Eativity editors

Hot on the heels of his top seven finish in Channel Ten’s recent MasterChef 2021 series, aspiring chef Tommy Pham has collaborated with Australia’s first social enterprise bakery, The Bread & Butter Project, to launch an exclusive bánh mì danish.

Recreating one of the iconic moments from this season’s show, which saw Pham present his interpretation of the Vietnamese street food classic to MasterChef judges Jock Zonfrillo, Melissa Leong and Andy Allen, as well as special guest judge, pastry chef Kate Reid, the special fusion dish will now be made available to the masses.

MasterChef contestant Tommy Pham releases exclusive bánh mì danish
Pham’s danish has been on sale at Lune Croissanterie in Melbourne. Now it’s coming to Sydney.

A match made in heaven

Pham’s bánh mì danish combines iconic Vietnamese flavours with The Bread & Butter Project’s golden, flaky pastry. It’s created a new taste sensation that’s now available for pre-order. Inside the danish is a layer of Swiss brown mushroom pâté; a rich Vietnamese-style butter infused with truffle oil; rare roast beef tenderloin slices; pickled carrot and daikon and ribbons of cucumber; with a garnish of fresh chilli, coriander and spring onion; all topped off with a secret bánh mì sauce. Vegetarians will also have the option of a lemongrass-infused oyster mushroom version of this unique pastry creation.

The online response has been hugely positive since Pham announced his plans to offer the danish to the public. “We have had exceptional interest since I posted about it on Instagram a few days ago” he says. “There have been more than 21,000 views of my post.

“As such, we will initially be making the bánh mì danish available via a lottery system. People can sign up to express their interest and provide their address for pre-orders.”

Editorial note: after Pham posted the link for pre-orders at 6pm last night, he had to close it after just seven minutes due to the overwhelming number of orders. He’s now looking to do another round of orders soon, which will be announced on his Instagram page.

Tommy Pham on MasterChef 2021
Pressure cooker: Pham was eliminated from MasterChef just before the finals.

A personal connection

Pham had always planned to bring the bánh mì danish to Sydney. Especially as it’s done so well at Kate Reid’s hugely popular Lune Croissanterie in Melbourne, where it’s been available for a limited time. He first came across The Bread & Butter Project on a visit to Carriageworks Market in Eveleigh. After speaking to team members, he learned more about the great work they do and the amazing products they create.

“The Bread & Butter Project’s mission really spoke to me,” he says. “I love that they work with refugees to provide training that empowers them to build a great life in Australia. Especially since each of them has experienced hardships. Just as my family did when they settled in Australia, having left Vietnam after the war. I knew that I wanted to work with a brand that not only had delicious products, but that I also personally connected with.”

MasterChef contestant Tommy Pham collaborates with the Bread & Butter Project
Hot ticket item: if you want to taste Pham’s creation, you’ll need to try your luck in a lottery.

A new life in food

With interest in the danish continuing to grow, Pham says he’ll be running a pop-up at Carriageworks once Sydney’s lockdown is lifted. His stall is set to offer not only the bánh mì danish, but a number of other items. Some of which viewers may have seen on MasterChef.

“It’s really exciting, as an Aussie with Vietnamese heritage, to not only be showcasing my food traditions, but to also be a role model for people across Australia who may be from different backgrounds,” he says. “This is why my partnership with The Bread & Butter Project is so important. They bring together people from all over the world and give them the skills to start a new life in food, just as I’m seeking to do.”

For more on how you can get your hands on Pham’s bánh mì danish, follow @tommyphameats and @thebreadandbutterproject on Instagram.