New app helps you buy Australian made

12th April 2021 | Eativity editors

A new app to help Aussie shoppers easily identify Australian-made goods has been released. The “Strayan” app provides a fast, simple score of “Australian-ness” for almost a quarter of a million everyday supermarket products. Strayan has been designed to provide Australian shoppers with clear information about the origin of products so they can choose to buy Australian, and even create their own Aussie shopping lists.

The app works by using a “Speedy Scanner” to scan the barcode of a product, and then provide a 0-100 score of how “Australian” it is. The score is based on where ingredients are sourced, where it’s made and who owns it. At a quick glance, users can see a simple colour-coded score on the wombat logo and decide to buy – or not.

Each product is scored regardless of where it’s from, removing any ambiguity. There is no pass or fail mark. In some cases, the app’s result may merely provide a means of comparison, and a low score can even be a consequence of unavoidable circumstances, such as the ingredients not being produced in Australia. Strayan presents the information as simply as possible and leaves it up to the consumer to decide. 

Strayan is available as a standard free version which allows users to view the scores of hundreds of thousands of products. There’s also a MAX subscription option, which allows users to personalise the app, customising score metrics and giving them the option to favour or un-favour countries of origin and save favourite products to multiple lists.

“Aussies love to support Australian businesses, and that support is growing,” says Alex Black, Strayan founder and Managing Director. “I wanted to develop an app that made it easy for people to put Aussie products at the top of their shopping list. This app is for those committed to buying Australian, helping Aussie businesses, farmers and families. We have many features planned to move the needle to Aussie businesses – this is only the start.”

At present, the Strayan database is focused predominantly on Woolworths and Coles, as well as IGA. But the developers are aiming to add many more retailers, including Aldi, soon.

“This is just the first stage of Strayan,” Black says. “We’ll be bolstering our data and covering many more sectors, not just supermarkets.”

Strayan is available for iOS and Android. You can find out more at