New grain-fed beef site set to tantalise

30th April 2021 | Eativity editors
New grain-fed beef site set to tantalise

A new website has been launched to showcase the attributes of grain-fed beef production in Australia. Australian Grain Fed Beef aims to provide consumers with information that covers topics including animal welfare, environment and nutrition.

Queensland lot feeder Barb Madden of Smithfield Cattle Company is excited about the launch of Curious consumers as well as those involved in producing and supplying the highly sought-after product were behind the project’s creation, she says.

Lot-feeder Barb Madden
Barb Madden has been working in lot feeding since she was in school.

Straight from the source

“To date, there has been a lack of readily accessible, credible information available on the production of grain-fed beef in Australia,” Madden says. “This central source of verified information will prove to be a valuable resource for those seeking out this information.”

Peak industry body, the Australian Lot Feeders’ Association, in collaboration with Meat & Livestock Australia, worked with lot feeders, restaurateurs and chefs to bring the site to life. The website and Instagram account will provide information on grain-fed beef production. Consumers can also find recipe ideas and cooking tips on how to enjoy its tender, juicy flavours. It’s a great way to connect with where your food comes from.

New grain-fed beef site set to tantalise
The site offers plenty of tips and recipes for cooking with grain-fed beef.

High standards

“Australian grain-fed beef is an exceptional product,” Madden says. “It’s further underpinned by a quality assurance system that’s considered world’s best practice. The quality, care and pride that goes into each step of production may also surprise consumers.

“It is the commitment of grain-fed beef producers to meet the high standards we set for ourselves. For us, the site is about communicating this to our consumers. We’ll also be sharing the progress we’re continually making in line with community expectations.”

To find out more, just head to

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