New Zealand food produce in-season this winter

10th June 2023 | EATIVITY Editors

At EATIVITY our main aim is to showcase local Australian food and help to support the farmers, growers, and artisans that make it. This month however, we want to shine a spotlight on our southern neighbour and some of its local food heroes, as demand for Kiwi produce down under continues to soar.

The increased Aussie interest in New Zealand food produce could be attributed to New Zealand Trade and Enterprise campaign, Made with Care, which is now in its fifth phase of rollout. The global initiative aims to elevate the country’s exceptional produce and highlight its reputation for great-tasting and ethically manufactured food and beverages. 

The latest installation of the campaign will showcase 36 Aotearoa New Zealand brands, featuring both returning food and beverage favourites as well as exciting new additions. These include New Zealand’s only 100% farmer-owned red meat co-operative, Lumina Lamb, health and wellness tonic brand, No Ugly, all-natural vodka soda company, Finery, and premium New Zealand honey from 1839 Ltd.  

A bowl full of New Zealand goodness is sure to excite any active Australian.

The NZTE Made with Care campaign reinforces the country’s values, which are rooted in Māori culture and are fundamental to the exceptional produce grown on its land. These values include Kaitiakitanga, which involves safeguarding and nurturing people, place, and planet for future generations. Manaakitanga, emphasizes caring for others and demonstrating hospitality, kindness, and respect; and ingenuity, involves challenging conventional norms with innovative and daring solutions. 

Australia Pacific Regional Director of NZTE, Glen Murphy, is thrilled with the campaign’s success thus far and its contribution to increasing the demand for New Zealand food produce in Australia. 

“The success of the NZ Made with Care campaign has been tremendous, and thus the decision to continue this initiative was effortless. We are thrilled to have new brands joining us for this fifth phase and will continue working with our partners to promote and increase awareness and demand for New Zealand’s exceptional and nourishing produce, which is grown and manufactured with integrity. It is evident that Australian consumers share our passion for supporting sustainable food and beverages and preserving and safeguarding our planet.” Mr. Murphy said.

A couple of Kiwis from Tom & Luke who are just as passionate as healthy local food as we are.

Being one of Australia’s closest neighbours, New Zealand’s proximity provides easy access to a complete ecosystem of exceptional New Zealand food produce that is of global standards. With such a diverse and exceptional selection, Australian consumers have an abundance of choices when it comes to selecting premium New Zealand food produce, products and brands. 

On the food front, some of the standout New Zealand food produce brands available to local Aussie consumers include Pure Delish muesli and cereal. This brand started life as seasonal festive cake company in 1997 and was founded by Kaz Staples, a young mum who decided she needed to make some extra money for her family at Christmas. Fast forward 25 years, the company now has a wide range of premium handcrafted breakfast cereals and snacking products. 

Little Beauties freeze-dried fruit is a true family-run business packed with all the Kiwi charm! Back in 2010, the Wastney family started drying feijoas (pineapple guava) from their family feijoa orchard. They had such a positive response from family, friends, and locals, they decided to package them for all to try. The brand then extended its range to include New Zealand grown gold kiwifruit and boysenberries. More recently, two super fruit snacks have been added: blueberries and raspberries. 

Blue Frog breakfast cereals is on a mission to liven up the early morning wakeup call with nutritious, innovative, and inspiring breakfast cereals. They never compromise health for taste meaning its cereal range isn’t only good for you but tastes damn good too. Inside each Blue Frog cereal pack, goodness awaits. From grain-free, paleo granolas, to hemp cereal and heat-stable probiotic porridge, the brand prides itself on clever flavour combinations to ensure the first meal of the day is far from boring. 

The Tom & Luke story began in 2009 when Tom was a personal trainer at the gym across the road from Luke’s café. Tom wanted to help his clients get better results from their training and Luke just wanted his kids to eat healthier. With a clear vision and plenty of determination, a wholefood bar was created, and then an entire range of ‘Snackaballs’ was produced. Its world famous Snackaballs are created from carefully chosen ingredients, delivering nutritionally beneficial, convenient on-the-go snacks, which has put Tom & Luke on the map as Australasia’s leading snack ball brand. 

The perfect accompaniment to your evening tipple of choice.

Other amazing Kiwi brands to check out include: 

Fix & Fogg nut spreads

Pacific Harvest edible seaweed

Rutherford & Meyer’s crackers and pastes

The Crafty Weka Bar

Justine’s Cookies

Pic’s Peanut Butter

Proper Crisps

Juicies frozen apple pops

Ora King Salmon

Premium New Zealand honey by 1839 Ltd.  

Sashimi Makoto using Ora King Salmon.