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14th May 2021 | Eativity editors

We’re quite excited by cake here at Eativity, which means we always get a bit hysterical whenever Sydney’s Banksia Bakehouse drops another spectacular creation. This time it’s not one, but four toothsome treats, which means that if you’re looking for us over the next few days, you’ll be able to find us somewhere on George Street, lapsed into a sugar coma.

In other, non-cake-related news (*sigh*), new research has made a rather startling discovery about meat-eaters, a survey has revealed who wins in the supermarket wars when it comes to happy customers, and a major meal provider has joined the NDIS ranks to help support self-managed participants with accessing nutritious meals. But back to cake…

Banksia Bakehouse Amber Drop Honey cake
Let them eat cake. And by “them” we mean “us”.

Sweet collaboration: honey meets cake

Cake! Honey! More cake! The month of May is all about honey (and cake – did we mention cake?) at Sydney’s destination specialist bakery Banksia Bakehouse. The team of inspired pastry chefs and creative cake specialists has collaborated with local honey producer Amber Drop Honey, creating an array of special baked goods to pay homage to and create awareness of local honey, and to celebrate World Bee Day on May 20.

Located on the NSW mid-north coast, Amber Drop specialises in harvesting small batch honey from hives rescued from inconvenient spots like people’s yards, schools and workplaces. Five percent of their honey sales is donated to Save the Bees Australia to fund bee-friendly projects and help contribute to a better future for our bees and beekeepers.

Amber Drop’s raw honey is antibacterial, antifungal and good for your gut. It’ll be the special ingredient for four Banksia Bakehouse pastries and cakes (cakes!!) during May.

1. Winnie’s Croissant: a cube-shaped croissant filled with mascarpone cream and Amber Drop Honey jelly. It’s decorated with mascarpone cream, honeycomb and fresh figs.

2. Honey Pear Tart: a vanilla tart shell filled with a light pear mousse sitting atop honey pear and almond cream. Comes with honeycomb and macadamia nut surrounds.

3. The Mini Hive: a mini cake of honey caramel, vanilla sponge and Italian buttercream. All covered in cream cheese frosting, honeycomb and a honeycomb macaron.

4. The Bee Hive: layers of vanilla sponge, honey cream, honeycomb, white chocolate ganache and condensed milk cream. It’s topped with honeycomb and icing flowers.

Banksia Bakehouse’s special honey creations will be available during May from Monday to Saturday at Banksia Bakehouse, Grosvenor Place, 225 George Street, Sydney.

Some meat-eaters feel disgusted by meat, according to a new study out of the UK
“So, what time’s dinner?”

Want to cut down on meat? Use the “yuck factor”

Some meat-eaters feel disgusted by meat, according to a new study out of the UK. University of Exeter scientists showed food pictures to more than 700 people, including omnivores, flexitarians and vegetarians. Seven percent of meat-eaters had a “fairly strong disgust response” to images of common meats like chicken and bacon. Omnivores also rated meat images twice as disgusting as pictures of carb-rich foods like bread and chips.

Based on the findings, the researchers say harnessing the “yuck factor” may be more effective than relying on willpower for anyone who wants to eat less meat. Why people who are grossed out by pictures of meat still eat the stuff wasn’t made clear. However, researchers say it’s possible that habit, family and cultural expectations all play a part.

Post-grad psychology student Elisa Becker, one of the researchers, points out that almost all of us experience meat disgust at times. Such as when we see unfamiliar meats or dishes made from parts of animals we don’t usually eat, like haggis. Or deep-fried bull’s testicles.

“Humans may have evolved a degree of meat disgust,” she says. “Because eating spoiled meat can be much more dangerous than eating a carrot that’s a bit off.” Fair point.

Australia's favourite supermarkets
In the neighbourhood: supermarket shoppers are loving it local.

Local wins in supermarket satisfaction battle

Australians love their local, according to the latest results of the Choice Supermarket Satisfaction Survey. State brands Foodland (SA), Drakes (SA and Qld) and Harris Farm Markets (NSW) beat out the big chain supermarkets for the most satisfied customers. But it’s not all bad news for Coles and Woolies. The Big Two improved from Choice’s previous survey, garnering praise for their online shopping experience.

Choice surveyed more than 3000 members of the Choice community, who gave detailed feedback on their supermarket experiences across 39 criteria. Foodland, Drakes and Harris Farm performed particularly well for their range of products and availability of local foods. It seems shoppers are keen to support local producers. We love to hear that!

You can check out the full results at

Jenny Craig becomes official NDIS provider
NDIS participants have a wide range of subsidised meal delivery choices available to them.

Jenny Craig becomes official NDIS provider

Jenny Craig is now a registered provider to support eligible National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants. As a registered NDIS provider, Jenny Craig will provide participants with nutritious, portion-controlled meals and access to trained NDIS advisors who’ll help tailor a weekly menu that caters to individual lifestyle needs.

The program partners eligible customers with their own NDIS advisor to create and implement a self-managed plan that suits their individual lifestyle needs. Weekly phone consultations are also available for extra support. Customers will have access to a wide range of more than 70 balanced meals and snacks designed by dietitians. It will also receive help with ordering, delivery and in making a claim with the NDIS.

The standard price of a weekly NDIS-approved menu with Jenny Craig is $179. It featues 28 dietitian-designed menu items including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for seven days.

For more information on Jenny Craig’s NDIS plan, head to

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