News bites: snacks, sweets & swears

23rd July 2021 | Eativity editors

In this cruel world we live in, cake will always be the answer. The question? Well, that’s kind of irrelevant, really. Case in point: a Sydney-based cake-maker has managed to bring a smile to the lips of lockdown-fatigued locals with some cheeky sweet retro creations that express pretty much exactly what a lot of us are feeling right about now. Naturally, there is some swearing involved. You can find out how to get your hands on one below. In snacking news, a classic Aussie treat is making its long-awaited return, and an Eativity favourite has welcomed a new addition to the family. For Brisbanites, there’s something far more decadent than simple snacks on offer, and it all comes dripping in chocolate.

Food news: Sydney baker makes "COVID sucks" cakes
Stacy Brewer has taken the words right out of our mouths and piped them with buttercream.

Over COVID? Say it with cake

We’re all bloody well fed up with this COVID business; so much so that even whining about it on social media is getting old. Luckily, one enterprising baker has found a new and far more enticing way to express our pandemic discontent – by saying it with cake. Sydney cake-maker Stacy Brewer usually specialises in such things as wedding cakes and large events, and as such, she’s lost a huge slice of her income stream thanks to lockdown. As Vincent Van Gogh can well attest, the best creations come from pain and suffering, and so Brewer has taken her frustrations and channelled them into a range of retro-inspired anti-COVID cakes. These vanilla bean beauties are coated in buttercream and decorated with the artfully-piped words “F#@k COVID” and “COVID sucks”. Understandably, they’ve been an enormous success. Those in Greater Sydney can order one at

Aussie food news: Toobs return
Smith’s pulled Toobs in 2015, citing a lack of demand. Obviously, they were very, very wrong.

Bowing to public pressure… eventually

Savoury snack-lovers across Australia are slavering at the news that Smith’s is finally bringing back Tasty Toobs. The company pulled the product from shelves six years ago, igniting such outrage in the hearts of Toob-less Aussies everywhere that some even launched a “Bring Back Toobs NOW” Facebook page in 2015, which currently has more than 25,000 followers. While it certainly took them a while to get around to it, Smith’s eventually took the hint, with Tasty Toobs making their hotly-anticipated return to 7-Elevens nationally from Tuesday, July 27 onwards. They’ll then be rolled out to supermarkets, independent retailers and petrol and convenience stores nationally from August 2.

Aussie food news: Table of Plenty releases new rice cakes
Meet Table of Plenty’s newest baby. Isn’t she cute? She’s also guaranteed to sleep through the night.

Welcome to the family

For those who prefer their snacks not coated in fluorescent orange powder, Table of Plenty has announced a new edition to the Rice Thins family – White Chocolate & Strawberry. Available in the classic two-cake pack, the latest flavour marries the freshness of real strawberry powder with a sweet, creamy taste thanks to the delicious white chocolate. Table of Plenty’s Rice Thins are naturally popped and made using wholegrain rice, real Belgian chocolate and pure cocoa butter. They’re also only 74 calories per cake, which means you can indulge your sweet tooth without feeling all guilty about it afterwards.

Table of Plenty’s Rice Thins range is now available in the biscuit aisle at Coles.

Aussie food news: W Brisbane Dip It Real Good
Anything tastes good dipped in chocolate. Except for maybe Toobs. Although we’re willing to give it a shot…

Now dip it, dip it good

Five-star hotel W Brisbane is bringing fondue back with a new, luxe-inspired take on the old-school classic. Returning due to popular demand, W Brisbane is inviting guests to “Dip It – Dip It Real Good” at Living Room Bar with a new, shimmering array of delectable dippers, dips and cocktails dripping in gold. For $59 for two people, a melted pot of Valrhona milk chocolate heaven will come to you accompanied by dippers like churros, macarons, marshmallows and locally-sourced strawberries, blueberries and bananas. For guests wanting to step it up on the richness radar, stacked waffles dripping in gold and glimmering marble brownies are also on offer. To go the extra mile, you can do a final dip into a choice of coconut shavings, almond crumble or whipped cream. To book, click here.

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