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16th July 2021 | Eativity editors

Reusable coffee cups are now commonplace at cafes. But what about when you draw the short straw and have to do the office coffee run? How are you supposed to carry half a dozen Keep Cups back without resorting to a disposable coffee tray? It kinda defeats the whole purpose. The answer has actually been staring us in the face all along, but it’s taken one clever Victorian entrepreneur to bring the solution to life. Also in food and drinks news this week, ALDI opens a new store and then asks people not to come, Arnott’s takes a bite out of the gluten-free biscuit business and an Aussie duo has launched a new healthy drink that could well give kombucha a run for its money.

Food and drinks news: Stay Tray

Carry me away

A morning office coffee run has led to the creation of an award-winning business. Kate Stewart was inspired to create Stay Tray after realising the “painful irony” of carrying six reusable coffee cups from her local cafe back to her office in a disposable coffee tray.

“There simply wasn’t a sustainable, reusable drink tray to be found anywhere,” Stewart says. “Thousands of people every day are consciously using their Keep Cup. But they’re faced with only single-use disposable alternatives to transport more than two coffees.”

Stay Tray is a reusable coffee tray made from 100 percent recycled plastic. It’s also 100 percent Australian owned and made. The product was awarded Silver in the 2019 Packaging Innovation and Design Awards, and was a winner in the 2020 WorldStar Packaging Awards beverage category. Stay Tray has also received B Corp Certification, meaning the business meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance.

Food and drinks news: ALDI Corner Store

ALDI corners the market

Discount supermarket chain ALDI has launched a brand-new, first-of-its-kind store format, just in time for panic-buying season. This Wednesday, ALDI Corner Store opened its doors in North Sydney, offering “an enhanced shopping trip”. This includes a new store layout to maximise efficiency, self-checkouts and extended trading hours. Corner Store offers a range of grab-and-go meals, a coffee kiosk run by Sonoma with locally-roasted coffee, an artisan bakery and a collection of ALDI’s Special Buys. The new concept is designed for busy professionals, but as the North Sydney business district is currently deserted, the store’s opening has been less razzle-dazzle and more restraint.

“Given the lockdowns in Greater Sydney, we don’t feel it’s appropriate to drive interest or additional customer traffic to Corner Store at this time,” an ALDI spokesperson said in a statement. No word on whether they’ve run out of toilet paper yet.

Food and drinks news: Arnott's goes gluten free

Arnott’s goes gluten free

Arnott’s is the latest brand to jump on the gluten-free bandwagon, releasing a range of gluten-free versions of its classic biscuits – Scotch Finger, Choc Ripple and Tiny Teddy. The company has worked closely with Coeliac Australia to ensure the biscuits meet the strict requirements of their endorsement program. The Coeliac Australia logo also features on the pack. The range uses a locally sourced gluten-free flour blend of maize, tapioca, rice, sorghum and soy. Arnott’s Gluten Free Favourites are available at Woolies from this week.

Motive Matcha

Meet your matcha

Watch out, kombucha, there’s a new kid in town. Matcha green tea has had a funky upgrade, with Australia’s first ready-to-drink sparkling matcha hitting the market last week. Motive Matcha comes in four sugar-free, vegan flavours – Ginger, Apple, Yuzu and Lychee. And each contains a mere seven calories per bottle.

Matcha comes from the same plant that makes green tea. But unlike green tea, matcha is made using the entire leaf. This means it contains more caffeine and antioxidants. Studies suggest that matcha can enhance brain function, decrease stress, boost metabolism and protect the liver. It may even reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. While the health benefits are great, the bitter taste of matcha can be off-putting. But by using natural flavours and sweeteners, Motive Matcha has created a sweet drink that’s also good for you.

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