The No Nasties Project takes aim at sugar

29th April 2022 | Eativity Local Food Directory
No Nasties Project

The No Nasties Project is an Australian brand on a mission to create a healthier nation by fast-tracking mainstream consumer access to new, “better-for-you” food and snack options, all without compromising on taste, and at an affordable price.

The company launched in 2018 with sugar-free icy sticks, which also contain no artificial ingredients. This was followed with 50 percent less sugar kids’ cereals, and cookies containing 80 percent less sugar than leading brands. This year, No Nasties also launched a choc hazelnut spread. The healthier alternative to Nutella contains 50 percent less sugar and no artificial additives and is also palm oil-free. No nasties, indeed.

No Nasties Project product range
The No Nasties Project product range continues to grow.

Shaking up the status quo

The No Nasties Project was established by David Andrew, who was already heading up beverage company Naked Life. Naked Life produces a range of sugar-free sodas, iced teas, tonics and non-alcoholic cocktails. Andrew was receiving feedback from parents who were asking for a healthy version of Zooper Dooper, Australia’s leading icy stick brand.

“I started to look into it, and into how much sugar is being put into Australian families every year by Zooper Dooper,” Andrew says. “I realised it added up to 4000 tonnes of sugar a year! And that’s with a product that contains artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

“I thought, ‘This has to change’. I felt that it was unacceptable. And I knew from our work with Naked Life that we could make something without sugar that still tasted great.”

Woolworths was instantly keen, and the No Nasties Project was born, launching its range of Sugar Free-Zies into supermarkets. From there, Andrew realised that a whole range of product categories needed shaking up. And No Nasties was just the brand to do it.

“We’re not here to change the people who are already healthy,” Andrew says. “We don’t need to change them. They’re already cutting out sugar. It’s more to appeal to the mainstream. We offer products that are better for you but still taste amazing, and that aren’t too expensive. That’s where we’re going to make the biggest difference.”

No Nasties Project Sugar Free-Zies
Every year, Sugar Free-zies Day helps schools and sporting clubs raise money.

Project 500

For every tonne of sugar the No Nasties Project removes, it donates $100 to help schools and sporting clubs promote positive health messages in Australia. To date, the No Nasties Project has removed more than 380 tonnes of sugar from Aussie diets. In 2021 alone, No Nasties products cut more than 180 tonnes of sugar from our diets. That’s about the equivalent weight of a jumbo jet or the Statue of Liberty. The goal is to hit 500 tonnes.

“That’s why it’s called the No Nasties ‘Project’,” Andrew says. “We haven’t finished. Once we get to 500 tonnes, it’ll become 5000 tonnes, and our work starts again. And that’s why we’re really trying to push hard into schools, community groups and sporting clubs. Because that’s where we believe there’s a real ability to spread that educational message. You can have things that taste great but are still better for you.”

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