Ricó: the pear with personality

8th July 2021 | Eativity editors

Have you met Ricó yet? From July 9, this blushing newcomer will be hitting the fresh produce section of major retailers throughout Victoria and New South Wales. Its arrival marks the next stage in the development of the Ricó pear brand. Following the past few years of growth and export to Asian markets, Australian consumers will finally have the chance to get their hands on this “delightfully different” pear.

According to Louise Wood, Category Manager at Freshmax – the fresh produce marketing and distribution operation that was instrumental in building the brand locally – the local launch of Ricó provides a huge opportunity for this new variety.

“The attractive blush and pleasing shape really make it stand out,” she says. “That’s the first step in enticing customers to try it. When they do, they’ll find Ricó to be a great fresh-eating pear with a unique sweet flavour and a melting texture.”

Ricó: the pear with personality

The quietest fruit in the bowl

The marketing push behind Ricó is aimed at changing the way consumers think about pears. Craig Chester, Head of Brand Development at Apple & Pear Australia Ltd (APAL), says the brand is not just a fleeting trend. It has the potential to be here for the long term.

“We want to create a new generation of pear lovers,” he says. “Consumers see pears as the quietest fruit in the fruit bowl. With Ricó pears, we’re going to change that.”

The “pear with personality” outdoor advertising campaign will see Ricó splashed across trams, trains and bus shelters. The stylish adverts and cheeky slogans will all be supported by an ongoing digital presence. The campaign aims to reach beyond the supermarket aisle to engage consumers directly. Designed to appeal to a younger generation, it’s hoped Ricó will change the view that pears only belong in nana’s fruit bowl.

Ricó: the pear with personality

Years in the making

Andrew Mandemaker, APAL Head of Group Quality, Innovation and Commercialisation, says Ricó will be available in stores for the next 12 weeks, if supply can meet demand.

“We’ve spent years investing in the development and export of Ricó,” he says. “It’s resulted in a purpose-bred pear that looks beautiful and tastes just as great.”

Ricó pears are born and bred in Australia and grown and handpicked in Victoria’s Goulburn Valley. Characterised by a bright red blush, they’ll be available in Coles and independent retailers in Victoria and NSW this year. But only for a short time.