Meal delivery services worth your dime

27th May 2020 | Eativity editors
Meal delivery services worth your dime

Most of us have been trying to steer clear of crowded supermarkets lately, but what are you supposed to do about dinner? Easy – check out these meal delivery services. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, up your veg intake, balance your macros or just can’t be bothered deciding what the hell to make for dinner, there’s a service tailor-made for you.

Of course, the large number of services now available can make it tough to decide which one to choose. But if you’re mindful of where your food comes from and the miles it’s logging, as well as where your hard-earned dollar is going, the choice is easy. Go local.

You might be surprised to discover that some of the big-name meal delivery services like Hello Fresh and Marley Spoon are not Australian-owned. Both of these are German-based international companies, although they do source produce locally. So we decided to check out a few of the smaller, more locally focused meal delivery services. These guys have been dishing up some choice cuisine for their ’hoods.

Meal delivery services: Be Fit Food
Dinner – and all your nutritional needs – sorted with Be Fit Food.

Be Fit Food

The philosophy behind Be Fit Food is that food is the first medicine, and that you can eat yourself to better health. According to Kate Save, CEO and co-founder, the team uses the science of the CSIRO to scientifically formulate health-enhancing meals made from a wide variety of whole foods which adhere to a low-carb living philosophy.

“We believe that plant-based foods are the key to good health,” Save says. “We include a minimum of four to 12 vegies in every meal. Plus the right amount of lean protein [15-20g] that the body can digest every three hours. There’s also no added sugar or sweeteners.”

Whole food is the key to Be Fit Food’s recipes. They’re low in carbs, but include a source of dietary fibre. This is essential for building and supporting a healthy gut microbiome.

“We also believe that variety is key,” Save says. “All of our meals are doctor and dietitian designed to ensure they meet our strict nutritional criteria. This ensures that consumers can choose from 100 percent of our range and still get the nutrition their body needs.”

Given that Be Fit Food’s meals are low in carbs and contain a good source of protein, they’re ideal for supporting lean body mass. They can also help with weight loss. The service’s meal plans are all scientifically formulated to be almost nutritionally complete. They contain at least 90 percent of your estimated daily nutritional requirements.

Be Fit Food's Kate Save
Be Fit Food’s Kate Save.

Something for everyone

“Our customers are predominantly women,” Save says. “Although we find they also order for their husbands. We have everything from wholemeal beef lasagne and green chicken curry to cauliflower fried rice with chicken. This is sure to please even the fussiest eater.”

Be Fit Food sources everything as locally as economically possible. However, maintaining a safe and stable food supply is the company’s main priority. All produce is prepared in a HACCP-certified production kitchen in Melbourne. The menu is also updated seasonally in order to avoid “flavour fatigue”, although some favourites are always on rotation.

“No one ever gets sick of our wholemeal beef lasagne!” Save says.

All of Be Fit Food’s meals are snap frozen to lock in the high levels of nutrients at the point of delivery, as well as ensuring the safest possible food.

“Freezing preserves the DNA of the food as well as the healthy bacteria,” Save says. “This ensures our meals nourish your gut without the risk of food poisoning that can occur with food that’s delivered out of the temperature cycle.”

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Meal delivery services: Bondi Meal Prep
Bondi Meal Prep uses grass-fed Cape Grim beef.

Bondi Meal Prep

Sydney meal delivery service Bondi Meal Prep is working to sustainably produce the highest quality ready-made meals in the country. According to co-founder Kimmi Hibel, the idea behind the development of their menu was to provide real whole food that tastes delicious.

“Each additional item we add to the menu always has the same core values that we build from,” she says. “High-quality meat, fresh steamed vegetables, no added nasties. No artificial flavours, boosters or preservatives.”

The team sources ingredients from quality suppliers. Grass-fed beef from Cape Grim in Tasmania; King Salmon from the Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand; free-range chickens from Lilydale. Their fruit and vegetable selection is also soon to become fully organic. All fresh produce on the menu is also seasonal, ensuring that it’s locally grown and fresh. And all meals are also delivered fresh, not frozen.

Meal delivery services: Bondi Meal Prep

Watch your weight and beat disease with the right foods, delivered to your door.

A healthier alternative

If you take a squiz at their menu you’ll see that the meals are something you’d actually look forward to eating, rather than simply being a convenient way to cut back on your own cooking at home. The menu mostly includes meals suitable for lunch or dinner. However, there are a few breakfast options (and a cheeky treat or two). While there are staple items on the menu, each week a new special is on offer, to keep things interesting.

The service offers healthy alternatives for people who are looking to avoid the types of illness that a poor diet can lead to – diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure. The menu is also designed to help lower the risk of obesity and inflammation.

For those counting calories or macros, a full listing of calories carbs, protein and fats for each menu item is also included on the website.

Bondi Meal prep’s main customers are busy working professionals aged between 30-40. However, the meals are suitable for anyone looking for a healthier alternative. The service currently delivers to Sydney Metro, Newcastle and Canberra, but there are plans to grow.

“Very shortly we’re launching our product in Melbourne,” Hibel says. “We are very excited to be expanding and soon plan to tackle the rest of Australia!”

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